New Sevilla Fan!

Chris and I are adding to the pack! Now we need a name for this lil guy. We already have a Sevi…I was toying with Navas bc of his blue eyes…but any suggestions?


Navas or Poulsen

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Name him Diego

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Dimi, as in Dmitrovic or Dimisión (if you will very hot topic lately)

Rubio (blonde) or if you want to extend it Rubiales dogs like to kiss everybody normally but you might be imagining a big bald man xd)

Bono, as a dog name in memory or if he wins the FIFA best GK award.

Capi, short for el capitán.

Love this option. But I guess everyone would assume you’re a big U2 fan


Better off Hermoso in honor of Jenni.

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Yeah I know that’s true, you could go for the other spelling if you will with slight change in pronunciation too Bounou.

I got to name my parents dog after Taison the Brazilian from shaktar Donetsk after he scored a screamer 10 years ago. Everyone suspecting its Mike Tyson as a joke because it’s a small dog.

I might get a dog in a couple of years and call him Amun or Ezzy.

For comedy purposes I also enjoy names that are too human or in Holland sometimes double posh names lol but for my own dog I wouldn’t do it. Call him Youssef for example :joy: or Theodore Rexton and you call him T-Rex. I’ll stop now.

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Chewy! And hear me out. Jesus Navas. Nickname for Jesús in México is Chuy, ie. Chewy as in Chewbacca. Double points of having a summer 2023 Sevilla tour linkage as well as a Star Wars linkage.

In short, name him Jesús Navas and call him Chewy for short.


Blonde hair, blue eyes → Ivan Rakitic → Raki ?


My best friend had a dog named Chuy so I feel like I can’t go this direction.


Lots of good suggestions! I’ll add them to the list so that once Chris learns his personality he can take 2 years to decide on one! :wink:

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Looks like a Jeff to me.

Nemanja Goodoggy?


Delaney? In honor of one of the greatest signings of the 21st century

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Lionel after Sevilla legend Lionel Carole.

Kerzhakhov has a nice ring to it. Or Konoplyanka. Or Chevantón. Or Krychowiak. Lots of great names in Sevilla history.

And now for semi serious:

Teemu? Pukki?

A now a very serious submission that might win over @Christin :


For obvious reasons. And because can is the Latin root for dog.

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Just thought of another one in case Kanou doesn’t stick. FREDDIE!

As in, the legend.


@ChrisLail is the picky one… if I had my way the dog would have had a name weeks ago! Kanou is cute though!