New Champions League format (2024-25)

Hey all,

I know we have all talked about this at some point this season, but I thought I’d create a thread to both share an in depth explanation of the leaked/proposed format, and start a discussion of its implications for Sevilla FC.

First, as an American (estadounidense, for you Spaniards who are somehow hurt by the former term), the idea of this being like Tennis or a Swiss model… frankly make no sense to me. However, I think a simpler way to explain it to Yanks like me is that it’s more or less like March Madness. A tournament with brackets where you spread out the seeds to try and ensure a final with the strongest teams rather than ending up with the strongest teams facing each other in the Round of 16 or something.

I personally don’t have a strong opinion, but see it as a trade-off between two factors. The competitiveness factor, that I just described, and the logistics factor. I suspect that teams will like the change mostly, in the sense that it allows for a bit more forward planning. The team can make a reservation for hotels in two different cities and cancel one, instead of having to make 7 reservations (or more likely scramble to pull it together last minute). Obviously a hotel is a minor logistics cost for the team, but I think it’s just the general principle of this model allowing for a bit more forward planning.

I suspect some folks will be opposed on the ground of “it takes away the magic of the draw each round”, which I guess I understand. But anyone who has seen March Madness knows that it is far from lacking in magic. And I think the seeds actually create an even stronger storyline when a team can “overcome the odds”.

Thoughts? Debates? Blame :poop:? Fire Lopetegui?

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Who wins…betting companies doing bracket challenges. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I have an opinion or not. As long as they don’t allow teams into the tournament based upon past success. You need to earn your spot.


Wait, are they really going to a set bracket? I must have missed that in all the other news.

I’m surprised that UEFA would do that. They don’t get to broadcast draws after every round now!

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I wish it were seeded from jump, like the Copa Libertadores does.

This format is gonna add more games though, which will complicate the schedule.


As much as I am one of the fools watching the draw, I can’t imagine there is that much money coming in for those draws. Plus, surely the new format has plenty of new sources of cash for UEFA to make up for it.

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That’s actually exciting. And honestly, has been the only reason I’ve ever really pretended to care about college basketball here in the States.

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I don’t know if it’s the money so much as it is the incessant ego stroking of the UEFA folks’ bloated self-importance.

Nothing screams narcissism more than having people watch you play a glorified game of bingo on international TV.


It really is.