According to this interview Montella would take the Italy job is asked. Is this going to be Sampaoli all over again?

I don’t think he is a great manager so I’m not really that concerned about him leaving to be honest.


Yeah he isn’t in the same league as Sampaoli, but it would be crazy if it happened again to us so soon.

The jury is still out on Montella, it is hard to judge after only a few months, and he has done some great things (like navigating past Atletico Madrid and Manchester United away) that only Emery could have dreamed of.

His rotation policy is worrying, and we don’t seem to have a plan b when things are not going according to plan.

If he can get us into Europe then I am probably for him staying on after the summer

It wouldn’t surprise me if Montella left this summer if a big job like this comes thru. There’s doubt there cause it’s a job nobody wants right now. If he does leave, I wouldn’t mind either cause i don’t believe Montella plans to stay longterm beyond next season. This is not what Sevilla needs.

I wouldn’t not even be upset if we didn’t make the EL. An extra competition that isn’t the CL won’t help us reach the next level. Our focus should be fully be on the league. Sure, it’s less pleasing for transfer prospects. But we can build a better foundation from scratch, and bring players that want to play for the club, not just to springboard to another big club. There’s already signs that this isn’t meant to last.