Monchi is BACK





Now it is time for a serious long-term project, please…

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So what will be the situation of Caparros next season?

Maybe a position where he can work with the youth team.

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There are some butt hurt Arsenal fans that think they are a bigger club than Sevilla:

The sequel is very rarely better than the original. I hope he proves me as wrong as Navas has done.


One thing i must salute Machín for is bringing back the 2-striker formation.

I’ll never understand why Berizzo & Montella never even attempted to play Muriel & Ben Yedder together, especially when Berizzo asked for a versatile forward in Muriel that can play all 3 forward positions. You would then think Montella who knew him better would acknowledge the Colombian’s plea to play off another striker (now killing it at LW for the Viola). But instead we saw that same substitution: Muriel for WBY & vice-versa. Even Sampaoli, a nutcase, at times played with 2 CF’s in Vietto & WBY, when they were the only CFs in our squad.

Don’t get me wrong, Muriel definitely could have played better. But we had 2 straight coaches who refused to experiment with the forward line. It’s one thing to stick to your guns if something’s working, but when you have Correa & Vázquez lacking in end product, how can you not see this?

Where Machín’s downfall began is when he neglected the midfield, and went all season playing 3 #10s. Hey, i’m not a top level coach, but how can you not see this as amateur shit? Kudos for finally playing Mesa a bit deeper than Éver, but this change was too late. Besides, it didn’t fully work as both players were generally unorganized.

Monchi said today that we shouldn’t discard the possibility of Caparrós remaining as manager even for next season. For what he showed us after 1 match — ie. putting Banega out wide so we can secure a defensive structure, is something i can get behind. Whether Caparrós can last a whole campaign is a different question. I pray that whoever’s in charge at least has the mind to make rational decisions for the good of the squad.

To put it bluntly, i NEVER want to see Quincy Promes start at LB again. :pensive:


Did anyone catch his presser today? Any recaps?

It is on the club site Chris

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Caparroz shows just how nervous he is, bless him.

So we have all the characters back, Monchi and Caparroz. Monchi looking very serious in his press rounds, but makes a great comment that Godfather 2 was better than the first. Still, I’m a little nervous about his attitude.

The entire ‘Machin team’ are out, specialist trainers and all.

Vaclic, it seems, was injured and trying to play and that may explain a lot about the uefa exit, but how it carried over to Caparroz raises questions.

I just watched the Espanyol game again and I have to say that we got a raw deal from the ref and linesmen, the penalty was clear and couldn’t be challenged but the rest of the decisions were diabolical, without the penalty it would probably have been another robbery.

Just one question, after beating Sociedad 5-2 and Espanyol 0-1, why is the dialog so negative in the press? We’re out of uefa but what the heck, do we have to win it every time, give us a break.


It’s negative cause we’re a big team. But from our standpoint, we’re still stuck at a level behind that.

About that Espanyol game, those last 30 mins were hell. We couldn’t get out our own half cause the ref whistled at every challenge. Wöber had made a perfect slide tackle and got booked for it. That right there is the standard of La Liga refereeing. VAR can’t change that. Remember Mesa’s red in the derby?

Also y’all seen Caparrós admit that he’s a terrible negotiator? That kinda says a lot about what happened this season. But to that, we now know why that Portu deal never went thru. He probably took it too personally. :joy:


Wow i just took this in…

Our site name is valid again. :grin:


Haha, Caparros agrees with me, play Banega more forward, keep him out of defence. I’m not sure where that leaves Mudo Vazquez.

Hope to see some action on new contracts for Sarabia and Ben Yedder. It’s normal that we sell one player for around €30m, who could that be this year, who is actually worth that much, and what is Ben Yedder worth at his age (well, it’s whatever the market will pay) I mean, what is he worth to Sevilla?

Also I’m a big fan of Mercado, really don’t want to see him leave. I think that Gonalons is winning the fans over too, there’s a lot of uncertainty and I’m hoping that Monchi can help resolve all that.


The first move after Monchi’s return - we have tied down Jose Lara until 2023, not sure if Monchi was involved in this but I’ll credit it to his return, also nice to not lose one of our treasured youth prospects on a free to other clubs.

There’s still work to be done, I’m almost certain WBY or Sarabia will be leaving in the summer and if I could choose WBY should be staying, he’s single-handedly kept the club afloat in the past 2 seasons while Sarabia could be frustratingly inconsistent, Chelsea are facing a transfer window ban and if they put in a huge bid for Sarabia we could definitely benefit.

I also want Mercado back, sure he’s 32 and not the most solid defender around but he’s undoubtedly a warrior who has a knack for showing up in the big matches, he’s scored against Betis, Barca and even in the WC against France, he’s also one of the more senior members of the squad now and we could use his leadership. No word on a new contract yet but if we want to keep him it could be done in a flash.

Also hoping we keep Rog, Gonalons is, no pun intended, on loan and is not getting younger, his injuries also indicate he may not be able to perform week in and week out. Rog is younger and could definitely contribute, as long as we don’t put out our lineup of self-destruction (Mesa x Mudo x Banega) he will get his chances.


Navas starting at LB in Lucho’s 4-3-3 for Spain tonight vs. Norway. Should be an interesting one.

Bryan Gill came on as sub and scored for the under 19 team against Wales last night

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Goal Messi Style :grin:

Video Marca Style :roll_eyes:


That was definitely a cool Messi-esque goal from Bryan, way to go!

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right back ya mean right?