Monchi Interview - Info on Manager and Players

End of season interview with Monchi. Some key points:

I want to convince everyone that we have a strategy with an ambitious objective. People will start to take note of it and if they like what they see, they will regain their excitement in the team. I want to project excitement, ambition and desire . Ambition cannot be limited in line with your economic capacity ; before, when we were winning trophies, we had less money than now.’

My thoughts haven’t changed. I wanted to know what kind of feelings Joaquín was giving me as manager during these past two months and now I want to sit down and talk with him to see if he agrees with what I have in mind for the future. With this journey to Tanzania, we’re going to be away from the press, I’ll be with the president and we’ll have time to discuss all the pros and cons of any decision ,’ commented Monchi.

On Sarabia:

We are negotiating. Things are more advanced than what they were fifteen days ago . It shouldn’t take long to sort it out. I’m naturally a positive person and I know Pablo wants to stay in Seville .’

On Banega:

Banega has a year left on his contract. He is one of the best players I’ve had here at the club and we have to see if he’s still happy here. If he is, I can’t fathom any situation in which Banega would not continue on at the club ,’ he commented regarding the Argentine.


Finally, regarding the French striker, he stated: ‘There are things that worry us more than a release clause. I don’t foresee any movements regarding this but if someone were to pay it we would have to go into the market . But we have Dabbur who has scored more than 30 goals this season.’

On Soria and Rico:

The Sporting Director also confirmed that ’ Sevilla have exercised their right of repurchase of David Soria and Getafe have the option to annul this by paying a certain amount. They have five days to exercise that right. We took our option up because we believe that David has continued growing with Getafe this season and we would be happy to resign him.’

Regarding Sergio Rico, he said: ‘His loan finishes on 30 June and he will be a Sevilla play. If there were an offer, it would be studied and if there are offers that are fair then we would be willing to negotiate .’


So, reading between the lines.

Caparros will still be manager next season.
Sarabia is staying
Banega is staying
WBY will be leaving as soon as someone makes an offer
Soria will be staying at Getafe
Rico is returning as 2nd choice keeper.


I guess I read it differently. Maybe I’m just a pessimist.

To me, Caparros is gone. Maybe takes an advisory role.
Sarabia might stay.
Banega’s gone.
Someone’s gonna buy WBY.
Re-buying Soria, but probably with the intent of forcing Getafe to pay up or to sell him to another team.
We really don’t want Rico. Someone please take him.

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I hope this scenario does not happen or we’re screwed…