MD36: Sevilla FC at Elche

“could become”?

or do you mean “has been a liability”.

he does awesome things on the pitch, but going down a man in three games is an ENORMOUS disadvantage… idk. maybe that’s what keeps his value low and allows us to keep him. but that was a supremely stupid/unnecessary/bad tackle.


Was looking back at his reds. None of them seemed hugely irresponsible in the sense that they aren’t those tackles where you watch the replay and think “any idiot knows going into that tackle that it’s a red card”

From my quick review of the replays (couldn’t find the Atlético one), they seem like ones where they are absolutely red cards, but if the defender plants their leg two inches to the left, or he arrives half a second earlier and there’s no contact. Absolutely reds that should be reds, but I don’t necessarily take away this feeling that “this guy has a discipline problem” but rather “this guy is playing that much harder than everyone else on the field, so it’s going to happen sometimes.”

Also of note: we won the two games he missed. Atlético was already lost when he went off.

So certainly you can credit him for the draw v Celta and the draw v Elche, so even if you put “negative 4 points” in his liability column, it is my humble assertion that he has earned more than 4 points to this season. Anyhow, I totally get the annoyance, but I am also regularly annoyed by Acuña and Ocampos lacking discipline, but I am not rushing to offload those guys. All about the net effect.


Gueye is different for me, I don’t know. I don’t feel like he’s really that agressive. Apart from the last one, none of the challenges have been insanely stupid. I believe there’s been no yellows for dissent (Acuña and Gil seem to get those all the time). Just needs to work a little bit on his timing and decisions and stuff and he can be great


Exactly…he has had some reds but he has been playing decent. The stupid cards for dissent and mouthing off are the ones that piss me off the most. Control yourself…be smart. Acuña does seem to be our hothead and gets up in people’s face. I wish he would cut that out and just play.


The question is ‘can he adapt?’
Instructed to keep his elbows under control and not do sliding tackles till he’s confident of timing should cover his sins.

I would bet he can adapt and get rid of the straight reds.

I’m all for keeping him.


From the 3 reds, only 1 was really a red. Others were red according to RFEF puppets… which is usually not even a foul.


The red in the last game was beyond stupid. In a position where we shouldn’t have got ourselves in trouble and a needless tackle.


interesting. i thought the Elche one was pretty blatant/bad/unecessary… but appreciate you going to the tape on the others.

hopefully he can learn and adjust to play hard without a studs up, calf high tackle in the future.

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fair enough! i walk back my take!

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The red at Atlético for a second yellow was bs. It wasn’t even worthy of a foul never mind a second yellow.