MD33: Sevilla FC vs Espanyol

Own goal off of Rekik

Weak goal to concede

Gueye just a hair offside there

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Damn, simple pass but totally wrecked our defense.

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The fuck is Rekik doing!?

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That was terrible defending

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lol…JoseLu missed that 1v1.

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Rekik… sad

Dimi should have had that…grrrr

2-1 espanyol

great goal tbf

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This is pathetic. How did we get worse by taking off Suso?

Defensive problems…

Bono would have saved that, yes?


So everyone in the team (incl. coach) is thinking about the Juve game and dozed off on La Liga… not a good mindset and approach to have.

We should still be able to win this one with more seriousness. Bring in YEN, Lamela and Acuna in the second… ffs. Can’t rely on the B team even vs. Espanyol.


Weak first half. The players need to wake up quickly in the second or we’ll lose this.

Not seeing the same optimism in our play as in recent games. Definitely need a sense of urgency in the second half.


We haven’t played well tonight, but it’s been a wild game. Literally anything can happen in the second half. This game is wide open.

YEN and Acuna on for Telles and Mir

so sloppy

I hate those kind of fouls. Holding onto YEN so he can’t jump, but they never get called, ever. Don’t think it should be a penalty but it shouldn’t be allowed either