Matchday 7: Sevilla vs Real Sociedad [2019-20]

Sunday, September 29th, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0500 AEST

It was all good just a week ago. 1st place in sight, a rocking RSP awaiting its first scalp, and a chance at redemption for Lopetegui. A week passes, we lose twice, we sit in 8th, and the RSP faithful still wait for their first win. ¡Que vergüenza!

We have a high-flying Real Sociedad coming to Nervión ready to take on a vulnerable Sevilla, who’s looking to deviate any signs of an early crisis. With a Camp Nou visit due next week, this match suddenly turns into a must-win.

The clearest absence is Carriço. We conceded 3 goals without him, and only 2 prior to his injury. Calamitous. Escudero misses out as well. And, of course, Dabbur & Bryan Gil. You know the drill.

Lopetegui has been playing it safe up until now, and to his credit, he built a seemingly solid foundation. Unfortunately, it all came crumbling down as soon as Carriço left the pitch on Thursday. Playing without our leader at the back will be a test on its own, and perhaps avoid an over-reliance on our defense. Last season’s fixture was a high-scoring affair. Maybe a kick up the backside is just what we need to finally score some goals.

¡Vamos muchachos!


Gudelj & Jordán dropped. Lopetegui won’t tolerate any disrespect. :grimacing:

But De Jong again? I thought we been through this Julen… :pensive:

A misprint. Jordán is at least on the bench. But Munir misses out? Lope is so weird.

Daily prayer…

Lord, i know we’ve already called Luuk all kinds of names. We’re only teasing, i promise. He’s on our team, so it’d be kinda twisted if we wanted him to fail. Can he please be the knight in shining armour that we hoped he’d be? Cause Dabbur ain’t gonna see any game time bro.

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I never know what to expect with Lopetegui. As usual it’s a rollercoaster at Sevilla! We have a tough game tonight but we need to win this. For Lopetegui especially, he needs that 1st home win and we need to bounce back from the last 2 results!


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What have I missed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Gudelj didn’t do anything. But Jordán kinda threw a fit after being subbed at Eibar. Got a yellow from the ref after throwing a water bottle against the floor. :sweat_smile:

Losing possession in a terrible position. Awful start!

This is usually the only way for us to start with any urgency. Y’all can’t let a team wearing green win here. Show some fucking nerve!

We need to sharpen up fast! Vamos!

There’s an f’ing surprise. Promising start to the season completely unravelled in the space of a week. :unamused:

Nolito answers the call. 1-1. Vamos!!!

Nolito!! What a finish and ball by banega! VAR gives it!

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Navas is not even trying to cross to De Jong. What gives?

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All these low crosses… what’s Luuk supposed to do with that??

I agree we not playing to de jongs strengths here!

These Real counters look scary…

Poor start to game but we responded very well. However, we have to be wary of la Reals counters. We can defo win this one though, we look good going forward tonight!

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With no Jordan, there’s a lot of gaps in midfield. And quite frankly, it looks disorganized as fxck. We’re just dealing with La Real’s wizards as we go. Odegaard having fun up there.

Going forward, we’re exploiting the space that’s being found in the middle of the park, but our moves in the final 3rd go quite stale. There’s a lack of trust in De Jong, who reciprocates this by not even attempting to make runs anymore. His body language says it all. Even Lope was gesturing to the wingers to loop it over for him to header it.

An enthralling match so far. The RSP should carry us through. Vamos mi Sevilla!

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Ocampos!! Vamos!!