Matchday 5: Sevilla vs Real Madrid [2019-20]

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0500 AEST

Once the job was completed against Qarabag, the only thing on our minds was to refocus on the league, and our upcoming opponents in Real Madrid. It’s funny how football works sometimes, as our manager Lopetegui was on the opposite bench in this very fixture last season, bearing witness to Sevillismo on full display. Now in charge of Sevilla, undefeated and top of the table, Julen faces his first big test, with the chance to benefit from a great start and put even further distance between us and our rivals.

Although boasting La Liga’s best defence, Sevilla may have their hands full against a world class attack in Bale-Benzema-Hazard. As our manager may attest to, the poison chalice that is the Madrid job already has Zidane under pressure. But given his track record, the 3-time CL-winning coach has always found a way to dig his team out of a bad situation.

Lopetegui comes into Matchday 5 with a fully fit squad, including a returning Nolito. Excluded from the team sheet are Gómez, Pozo, Bryan & Dabbur.

A heavily rotated lineup featured 7 changes in the Europa League on Thursday. Most notable was the frontline, as both attackers Chicharito & Munir got on the scoresheet.

“Estoy con mucha hambre” - Chicharito

Javier Hernández answered the call and scored in his first start with a sublime free kick. And now he and the manager will get a chance to inflict further damage to their former side tonight at the RSP. It may still be early in the season, but you get the sense that a lot is riding on this match.

It’s a moment we recognize as Sevilla fans that we can announce ourselves as title contenders. Yes, it is Lopetegui’s first big test, but also his first chance to rewrite the many wrongs from his forgettable 2018 as manager of Spain & Real Madrid. There was much chagrin upon his appointment ahead of this season, but Monchi brought him in to do big things with this team. Are we getting closer to reaching the next level?

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!


Anything than 3 points is unacceptable… imagine us saying this in the near future for a match vs. RM and their referees!

I just hope that we don’t lose, that’s the most important thing at this point. A win would be magical… but I’d be very happy with a draw as well. Losing would cause a lot of trouble, but it’s something that can’t be written of and could quite possibly happen vs. RM and their referees!

It hugely depends on the sums Uncle Flo has put on for his referees tonight.

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Looking forward to tonight, my first match this season at the RSP. I don’t feel the fear I used to when playing R Madrid we have shown that we can beat them at home.

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So easy to call you paranoid here, but the relationship between refs & RM is a real thing. :pensive:

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You know how it goes with uncle Flo… can’t help but be paranoid whenever we face RM, especially in a messy situation for them like this.

Big match for us! It’s a huge chance to lay down a marker and put us clear top and increase the gap from our rivals. This Sevilla squad is very strong, arguably the strongest we had in clubs history.

It’s exciting times but we got to make the most of our strong start and our rivals not in the best shape. It’s Real Madrid so I will never underestimate them and the talent they have. However, I believe we can win this match if we continue to follow the strong path we began the season with. I hope the refs are fair but at least with VAR it limits real Madrid’s chances of cheating. Vamos sevilla!

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In terms of physical strength or squad depth?

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At least it’s not Mateu Lahoz tonight. The only ref I have ever heard booed and abused for simply entering the field to warm up.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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You don’t remember Itturalde :grin:
He needed an escort.

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The team will be be Vaclic, Navas, De Junk and 8 more

Surely Chicharito gets the start, no?

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I’ll have a guess but I’ve really no idea
Navas Carlos Carriço Reguilon
Banega Fernando Jordan
Ocampos DeJong Munir

In which case I think Carriço might be a mistake, we might need more pace there.
Despite Nolito being fit I think Munir might get the nod.
And to keep it more defensive either Oliver or Vazquez might get a wing place.
Chicharito in the second half.

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It is a very good squad, but the squad with Palop, Dani Alves, Puerta, Navas, Adriano, Maresca, Saviola, Luis Fabiano etc. Now that is the strongest in the clubs history in my opinion. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Javi Navarro too. :grimacing:

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I imagine the starting XI will be:


Navas - Carlos - Carriço - Reguilon

Jordan - Fernando - Banega

Ocampos - De Jong - Munir

No Dabbur again, he must have really upset Lopetegui. :joy:

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Dabbur isn’t even in the squad. After leaving him Sevilla while taking 3 goalkeepers to Espanyol, dragging him on a 7 hour flight for 5 minutes in Baku, I think the message is pretty clear.

Yeah true it’s probably still behind that one. This squad has it to prove. However, time will tell whether it can be as great as that one or better. Depends on what league points total we achieve, how we fare in all comp and final league position!

I agree that the Juande Ramos era was special though. The emery era was great too. However, let’s hope this one can go along way to match them and even better them times

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I think in terms of squad depth. We have almost 2 players for every position. We have talented and strong players all over. However, it’s early days and we can’t judge properly until we further into the season. The signs are very encouraging though!

Yeah they were a special group. Don’t forget the legendary Freddy Kanoute up front too. A rolls royce of a player!

For us Kanoute worked because he partnered Saviola, classic big man, little man partnership. In fact the match I went to, it was a Kanoute knock down for Saviola to run onto that was the only goal of the game, and right in front of me pretty much too.

Saviola was so good too!

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Well the team is as I predicted except for Vazquez in place of Munir for a wing spot, as I suggested might be the case.

I don’t feel inclined to go now.