Matchday 12: Sevilla vs Atlético [2019-20]

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
1330 EST / 1830 CET / 0430 AEST

As it seemed that our beloved Sevilla was finally turning a corner with an impending victory in Valencia, the ghosts of previous away day woes had resurfaced to impede on such thoughts. But not all is lost as we’re locked in a 3-way tie for 3rd, with another chance to put some distance in between a direct rival in Atlético Madrid.

It is not often that we have success against Simeone’s Atlético. We’ve won a grand total of ONE match in the league against Diego’s men. Despite losing central figures in Godín & Griezmann, it is still a side that boasts one of the top squads in Europe.

Lopetegui is trying to build chemistry with a consistent starting XI, but to his chagrin, the pillar that is Fernando will miss out due to yellow card accumulation. Defenders Carriço, Gómez & Escudero continue to miss out through injury. Dabbur finally makes the list of 18, as Rony Lopes replaces Munir.

Projected XI: Vaclík; Navas, Kounde, Carlos, Reguilón; Gudelj, Jordán, Banega; Ocampos, Chicharito, Nolito.

Quite simply, we have to be at our very best to beat this Atlético team. Despite the pessimistic view from the other side, the opposing squad is much more talented on paper. This is not the team to have a poor shooting night against. The 2 points dropped in midweek must serve as a reminder of the dangers of complacency. Will Sevilla finally have their breakout game of the season?

¡Vamos chicos!

Post-match recap: SEV 1-1 ATM


Impossible to call, except that Sevilla will have to be at their best and with no slips of concentration. Will also need to take the game to Atleti for 93 minutes and get right in their faces. Anything less and we’ll get turned over.


Not sure if I’ll be able to watch this, considering the chickening out vs. Valencia. It’s probably going to be very frustrating, with us dominating and creating the better chances only for Atletico to snatch a win somehow, like almost always. FFS!


Big opportunity for us today! It’s another big test to see whether we can make the next step! Fernando is a big miss but I believe in these players! Vamos Sevilla!


Barca lost at Levante! What an opportunity for us. It’s great news for la Liga in general. Love it

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Starting XI:

What has he seen from De Jong lately to warrant this start? :upside_down_face:


Defensive qualities. Corners, free-kicks and throw ins.
He’s put a defensive lineup out there, obviously worried about something.
Don’t see much leeway for Ocampos to move around.
Also, Oliver, Banega and Vazquez together, I’m not sure about that
But it might work, we’ll see.


Way things are going at the moment is worrying. If Oblak took out a pistol and shot Ocampos, the Referee would consult VAR before blowing a foul.

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It’s looking like Machín’s 3-5-2 at times. Ocampos has drifted from that right flank a lot to form a pair up top. Hope he does it more.

Vazquez 1-0 from Navas free-kick


I :heart: Mudo.


Vamos! Mudo has been great for us lately! Great from navas as usual!

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I like the concept of having a false-winger in Óliver, cause he’s brilliant in the buildup. But i don’t think it helps us with a CF like De Jong, who’s not gonna take advantage of all that space. He’s not that type of forward.

Solid play so far. Great defensive work from the “back-3”. Can we maintain the lead this time?!

Nice we are winning so far. :grin: Come on Sevilla!!! :clap:t3:

Well at the moment we are provisional leaders of liga.

Nevertheless, I’m not happy with our negative build up/construction, Reguilon is great but is getting more and more negative. While Ocampos sees 2 players in front and says to himself, I’ll go past them, maybe dribble through their back line and pass or score, Reguilon sees 2 players in front and passes back, yet he’s great going forward.

But I’ve seen a lot of good stuff, 1 move by Ocampos going left to right made me fear he’ll be in Real Madrid next year. Two divine passes, one from Oliver another from Banega. And then another from Oliver while falling but getting the ball to Reguilon.

Sevilla need to believe and go forward without reservations.

I doubt that we’ll finish the game with 11 players with this referee.

We don’t have a problem defending the counter, the big danger is lack of concentration with defenders like Carlos and Kounde with corners, free-kicks and long throws.

I hope Vitolo gets the welcome he deserves.

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Would be a massive win for us if we can see it out this time. A step forward. A chance to go above Barca and top for a couple of hours at least. Let’s hope we can do it. Vamos!

5 minutes in and DeJong has cleared 2 corners, but a lot of pressure from Atleti.

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De Jong is a good choice for this game with his height and strength!

The disadvantage of having short fullbacks. :disappointed:

Sevilla 1 - Referee 1