Matchday 1: Sevilla at Espanyol [2019-20]

Sunday, August 18th, 2019
1300 EST / 1900 CET / 0300 AEST

The curtain raiser for Sevilla’s La Liga season starts against familiar opening night opponents in Espanyol. I’m sure the first result that springs to mind is the 6-4 at the RSP from the Sampaoli regime. For the sake of everyone’s health, let’s hope we concede a lot less goals.


A squad list of 20 players was released this morning, and what immediately stood out was the omission of Munas Dabbur. No injury reported, just the coach’s decision. Banega serves the last of his 4-match ban from last season, while Pozo, who played the most during pre-season, will remain in Seville.

Although we visit a ground where we won last season, Sevilla’s away record [5-5-9] wasn’t the standard of a team with CL aspirations. We face an Espanyol team who are undefeated in pre-season, and in the midst of Europa League qualification. With Lopetegui’s last La Liga match being that heavy Clásico defeat in Catalunya, he will certainly look to prepare his team to avoid such a performance.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!

Updated with starting XI:


A tough match to start! I would take a point but 3 would be golden!

First test for a new look team and manager. Very excited to see how we do this season, there is a lot of optimism around but at same time we keeping grounded too.

Vamos Sevilla!

I had a feeling Lope would throw a curveball out there. How does he leave Dabbur off the squad? Watch Mudo get the start tomorrow as well. :man_facepalming:t4:

Hey, that’s Shend’s catchphrase! :smile:


Haha it’s a cool catchphrase! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m surprised Dabbur has been left out. Especially as he doesn’t have an injury! However, in Lopetegui we trust! I’m intrigued to see what he goes with as his starting 11, he has plenty of options so it won’t be an easy choice!

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No Dabbur sure, but no Pozo too, arguably two of the stand outs in ore season is strange. Add in the fact Nolito is in despite being virtually out the door two days ago, makes this a very odd Squad. Vitally important we start off well, I have every faith that we will and return to Seville with 3 points. I don’t really rate Espanyol that much anyway but now they have lost their main man up top it would be a stinker to not get something from this game.

97 year old ex Sevilla keeper Diego Lopez will no doubt have a blinder.


Everyone is surprised from the club, press and downward.,

Numerous black marks appearing in the trainers copybook to the sound of alarm bells, (not my) comments on social media like ‘Look at the TRAITOR go’ and ‘3 goalies and one forward?’. I’m just puzzled that he doesn’t know his best 11. Can’t be for fear of giving Granada a whiff because today is equally important.

No matter what happens now, he’s got a lot of good work to do before I’m convinced he’s fit for purpose.


Who is the “traitor”? :confused:

Maybe they’re still calling him a traitor for what happened at the World Cup when he chose Madrid?

And that line is for Monchi only. Julen’s gonna have to earn that.

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I agree this a big point in Lopetegui’s managerial career. I rate him as a manager but he was silly taking the Real Madrid job. It was the wrong time to take it, especially after the highs they had and Ronaldo had left too! Hopefully he can redeem his reputation with us! Monchi has certainly backed him, so up to Julen now!

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Interesting that Nolito is starting & not Munir.


This is gonna be a weird season

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Munir has to be our striker off the bench because Dabbur isn’t in the squad.

Welcome Ray.

It’s very ‘interesting’ at the moment.

Lopetegui worked very hard all summer and in pre-season everything seemed great with 7 victories and then suddenly it’s all become too ‘strange’ and ‘interesting’, well the proof is in the pudding.

I think the manager forsees a difficult physcial game and has no intention of using football skills to overcome an inferior team, he seems to want to play their game instead of ours. We will see, we have enough quality on the bench to turn on the football.

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Anywhere I can watch this (UK based)?

I’m relatively satisfied with the line up! Happy with the defence! Midfield is what I’d have picked with Banega suspended! De jong is our main striker with Dabbur not involved!

Nolito is the surprise as it appears he’s leaving for Celta! Maybe he’s not now! Who knows? To be honest he was the form player in pre season so if he takes that into the game we will be happy. I think Munir is unlucky not to start but no doubt he will come on at some point in 2nd half if we struggling a bit.

We will see, it’s the usual you just never quite know with us. It’s always turbulent and plenty of ups and downs. Let’s hope we start well, won’t be easy this at all but we capable with that line up of getting a result here! Vamos!

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Welcome on board @RayFK!

I’m just glad Mudo ain’t starting. Nolito was the best in pre-season, so he somewhat deserves this start. Time to prove it now.


Diego Carlos will have to be careful with Wu Lei. I’m not sure Carriço has the speed, it will be interesting to see if Bryan Gil gets to play.

So the lineup is
Navas Carriço Carlos Reguilon
Fernando Jordan
Ocampos Oliver Nolito
De Jong

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Not in the uk I don’t think. I’m looking around now on Spanish streams and YouTube. If I find a good link, will post it on here!

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Here we go 2019/20. Time to pray to the god of ‘no injuries’ and ‘swift recoveries for trainers’ and of course, the god of ‘good refereeing’

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