Malaga vs Sevilla

I missed most of the first half. Seems we are under a lot of pressure. How was the goal?

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That was a good goal. La Liga refs are terrible.


BeIn Sports does a head to head with Mercado in it. He isn’t even playing haha. Was he hurt prior to game time?

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Layun finally showing off that laser

First goal was a total golazo by Nolito to Correa, second goal disallowed but haven’t seen a good replay, Ben Yedder looked level with play.

Yeah the official lineup included Mercado. Hopefully it was just a technical decision and not an injury. We urgently need Mercado at CB for the next 3 matches!

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A clear goal… can’t wait for VAR in the next season!


I can see why Arana hasn’t played before, very discrete debut.

Sevilla continue to spill possession every 10 to 20 seconds.

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Total Hand ball in the box there too the ref missed. Shame

Crikey Moses, Montella has a lot of work to do, possibly not capable.


1 shot on target all game against bottom team. That’s awful.

We had 4 shots on goal. More if you count the shitty offside call. It could have easily been 3-0 if we had 1) better refs, 2) finishers that punish in 1v1 situations.

It’s time to abandon Banega and Vazquez.

you mean as a combination?

Banega is our best player by a country mile. He makes mistakes like all players do, but more often than not he runs the show for us.

Vasquez is frustrating and sometimes shows a lack of intelligence, trying flicks and tricks when not necessary, and often giving the ball away. His languid style and slow pace shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of effort though, I don’t think so anyway.

If only Mudo had played simple football… he would’ve been a world class player. Those unnecessary flicks and tricks make him an average player and not even considered for a call up for either Italy or Argentina.

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I’m satisfied with the three points. This was a potential banana skin for us we knew Malaga would be very up for this game and are fighting for their lives, plus other games went in our favour leaving us back in 5th place.
I thought Arana made a nice steady debut, he didn’t set the world on fire but on the other hand didn’t make any major mistakes, unlike Pizarro who continues to give the ball away too much (3 or 4 times in the first ten minutes) and then passed the ball back to Lenglet who was laying on the ground at the time!
The goal came from a great piece of play by Nolito who I thought was our best player on the night.
Kjaer, &Lenglet looked solid at the back and Layun had his best game so far, although his defending still doesn’t fill me with confidence.
I agree with jonjar re Mudo he cost us possession quite a few times by trying to be too clever with little flicks and back heels.

As for Malaga they are sunk, they were very poor.

I’ve not decided yet whether to go to the game on Saturday, the weather forecast is not looking too good. It would be my first absence this season, but it’s no fun sitting in the pouring rain. :sneezing_face:
when I can stay home and watch on tv.

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Nice win against the only other Andalucia team outside of Sevilla in La Liga this year, especially on Andalucia Day!

I didn’t get to pay too much attention today, but that goal was nice and we should have at least one more.

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Brian, says 40% chance of rain tomorrow at 4pm, i’ll be there, although I am under cover but the rain normally blows straight into my face…but that won’t put me off!

After watching the game against Malaga, plus highlights I think that If we are to push for that 4th spot there is a lot of work to be done!
Most of the problems we seem to bring on ourself, giving the ball aay far too cheaply is a re-occuring nitemare, Pizarro giving ball away too many times, and movement to support the ball coming out from the back is very poor. Banega must release a little quicker as our attacking possibilities get closed the longer we take to bring the ball out of our own half, Sarabia & Correa need to move into the spaces just inside to help give options when we go forward and not just slide up and down the line, Although he didn’t get a start I have to bring up Mudo, whom I have tried to understand but as much as his link up play is good at times, he tries too many tricks, flicks & nutmegs when a quick lay off and run into space is there to continue our attack. Ben Yedder is a fox in the box, Muriel does a lot of running & pressing in final 3rd but he’s not got that preditory goal scoring instinct like Ben Yedder and cannot seem to peel away to find space or make runs when we are attacking.
There should be some big questions asked in the summer, of who is right for each position and who is a weakness, if we want to step up a gear and keep up with top 4 there has to be changes of personel but for now we have to make the most of what we have and utilise it the best way possible, maybe try 4-1-3-2 because lack of getting bodies forward on the counter attack is contributing to our poor goal scoring record and something needs changing

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