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Sorry if we have another thread elsewhere, but since I don’t participate in any other football community thought I’d drop this here.

And I’m starting with a gripe (because generally I try and support the league and think it has, in fact, shown a lot of improvement).

But why in the world do we have the MLS all stars play a friendly against a big name professional team? Every time, we get smoked. And it’s a terrible look for the league to have the MLS all stars lose 5-0 against Arsenal. Of course there is a talent gap there but also it’s not like an all star team knows how to play together. It’s an impossible task.

I wish they’d stop doing that and just go back to the normal American version of either East v West conference or a full shuffle (captains choosing their teams like the NBA).

Gripe over. Otherwise, go Revolution! Would love to see them win the league some day. A lot of close but not quites.


I totally get that and agree. The MLS has a long way to go to be able to compete with European teams. I doubt any team will ever be on par with the worst of any team in the top 5 leagues

On that note, I’m just crossing my fingers hoping that RSL and Inter Miami will make it to the Open Cup final. I would be there in a heartbeat to watch that match up.


I think “ever” is too strong. In fact, I think in ten years there will start to be overlap between the best MLS and the worst French team (are they fifth?). But I agree with your broader sentiment. The gap is very big.

I think an MLS all star team could compete in the French league. But only if they actually trained as a team. Which in this all-star game setup is never the case.

Messi coming to US is fun/exciting even if it all feels silly. Don’t follow the league quite closely enough to understand how Miami has gotten all of these mega signings at the same time. But the league just needs to embrace it.


The two teams in an all star game have different motivations too. Arsenal are preparing for their season and take the game seriously. The Allstars are mainly there to look good and further their personal branding.
Rooney went with a very heavy offensive lineup at the start with little defense. Arsenal’s quality killed them with two golazos.
After that it was dumb. Basically three different teams played for MLS.
The format is dumb, but I think the reason they play a big international is for the attention and money. I don’t think many watched the old format.
Anyway, MLS sucks… It’s getting better, but still sucks. Rooney sucks as a manager as well.

lolol so cynical Chris! i think you’re just upset because DC united have burned you.

also does it actually bring in money having a big team like that come play?

i think all star games are actually quite stupid in general, they always leave me feeling unsatisfied for not having watched a real game. maybe we just shouldn’t bother. just name the best 11 at the end of the season.


It sold out two nights at Audi and brought a lot of Arsenal fans to the area so I think it’s a great event for DCU and Washington DC.

I agree though that the games are dumb.

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Fair enough. But don’t you think they’d sell out Audi even if all mls guys? Those stadiums aren’t that big. League averages over 20k per game for normal matches these days

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Probably… Especially with all the transplants here.


If they want a game, they should have the best MLS team up until that point in the season play against whichever European team is coming to the US that year. Might be difficult to put together, but with good branding, it could be good

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The all star game is so much more meaningful when MLS goes up against the Liga MX all stars.



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Messi scoring that goal in his first match is truly epic.

Serena, Lebron, Kim all in attendance was cool/hilarious too. I’m excited for the boost in visibility he’s bringing.

Inter Miami dug themselves a hole to start the season. Fortunately, you only have to make the playoffs in MLS (really wish they’d change that). Wonder how far they’ll go with these mega investments. The finances of it all is truly puzzling. For Messi especially… Mbappe getting absolutely ludicrous money… But Messi factoring in family/life preferences too presumably?


I think the ship has sailed for them this year. The East is pretty competitive. That being said, there is so much parity in this league that even if they finish dead last this year, they could challenge for the title next year.

Why sailed? Too far out to make playoffs you mean?

Yeah, they’re 12 points out of the playoffs and there’s only two months left to play.

FiveThirtyEight to the rescue. Confirmed, pretty sure that ain’t happenin’.

To be clear, there are a bunch of teams above the top of that image…

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It just feels so weird because October is a long ways away, so it seems like they should have 4 months to climb, but then I remember that the league is on hiatus until the end of August…

12 games left… 36 points Available… I wouldn’t rule it out.

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Don’t think that’s right Ryan. You can see the FiveThirtyEight predictions haven’t updated the teams SPI since new arrivals joined.

That was without Alba and Iniesta. Good lord Barcelona AARP is gonna be awesome.