M7: Sevilla FC vs Espanyol

Just wanted to kick this off so we can have a pregame discussion. If anyone wants to do a proper preview, have at it.

This match will be Sevilla’s third game in seven days. They have the Champions League match scheduled on Wednesday the 29th. How do you man manage this match? What do you think the lineups and sub rotation should be?

I very serious doubt we will see YEN or Fernando start with their knocks they picked up Wednesday, so who slots in?

Espanyol has only won one match and that was midweek against struggling Alaves. They have tied Real :poop:, Villarreal and Osasuna. They lost to Mallorca and Atletico and have only scored 4 goals.


This is going to be a tough one as YEN can’t play Wednesday so do we want to risk Rafa and then end up with no striker in the week if he gets injured?

I would probably go:

GK: Dmitrovic

RB: Montiel
CB: Diego Carlos
CB: Rekik
LB: Augustinsson

CM: Delaney
CM: Joan Jordan
RW: Suso
AMC: Óscar Rodriguez
LW: Idrissi

CF: Rafa Mir

Javi Diaz
Jesus Navas

Sevilla Atlético only have a short travel to San Fernando in Cadiz province Sunday so Iván Romero should be available for the first team if required tomorrow.


Play our best 11 and then take them off in 2nd half hopefully when we have a good lead. It’s still early in season so tiredness shouldn’t be an issue yet. We must win this to keep pace with the Madrid clubs and try consolidate our position in the top 3.

I’d play the same team as Wednesday provided everyone is fit. I’d start Mir over YEN again considering he’s more healthy and he had a great game against Valencia. If Fernando isn’t fit then play maybe Delaney in his place.

We stumbled on to a good first team, formation and formula against Valencia. I’d try it again provided the players are in good shape physically.

I would put navas and rakitic on the bench again. Definitely bring them on though as I feel there experience and freshness will help a lot in the 2nd half of games.


Agreed Mark, I don’t want to see much rotation from the team that faced Valencia. I’d hate to go back to the way we played in the games prior. As long as that front 4 stays intact, I’m good with it.


Yeah i agree. You make a very good point. At this point we don’t need a massive rotation of the squad. The fact we at home again is a bonus too as it means no travel, etc. It’s easier for the players to recover and hopefully most of them do for this clash.

I think if we make too many changes we might lose our rhythm and cohesive play. The players against Valencia found good chemistry and the forward players especially papu, lamela, ocampos and Mir all linked up well. I’d like to see more of the same especially with their confidence high.

I’d only change the lineup if we forced to because of injury or suspension at this moment. As lopetegui said it’s a long season and everyone will get their chance but right now I’d definitely keep the same or close to the same winning formula. Over the years we struggled to beat Espanyol at home so we owe them one tomorrow. They had started to become a bit of a bogey team for us at the Sanchez pizjuan so hopefully we can put that right tomorrow evening. They have started the season decently so we need to be on it from the first whistle again to not let them settle.


This will drive the manager crazy but he’s got to be more concerned about the Champions game. It’s his job to strike the balance so I expect to see Gudelj and Suso.

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3 points and nothing else


Too risky with this one. Sure Suso and Idrissi need playing time to stay active, but I’d rather start with Lamela and Ocampos if they’re 100% fit. Or maybe only Idrissi and not Suso.

The rest are fine I guess - Augustinsson definitely needs a start and it would be good for either Kounde/DC to rest a bit. Dmitrovic also deserves a start although Bono has been phenomenal so far this season.


Agreed - we certainly do have overall depth but probably not that much quality to beat tricky sides like Espanyol with heavy rotations.

Atletico didn’t rotate a lot in their historical 2013-14 season - only injuries/suspensions forced them to do so, and they had ‘wild card/joker’ players like Cristian Rodriguez who were very good but were comfortable with the sub role and always performed decently when coming in.

Speaking of that season though, I can only imagine how many goals would’ve been cancelled and how many red cards would Atletico get (read: Diego Costa) if it was for VAR at that time.


I agree with all that, except for Suso because he’s not looked fresh recently and Lamela has only just started to play full games so he’s fresh.

Give Idrissi another chance to pull up his socks and Rekik played well last game.

I’m still not fully sold on Oscar either but he can do 45 minutes after Papu.


I think Rekik played well mostly because we were playing a formation that suited him better. Usually average CB’s like him perform better in a 3 at the back formation like we’ve had vs. Valencia. It was hybrid so he covered LB too but mostly a third CB that also advanced further at times.

I’d rather rest DC than Kounde and have a Kounde/Rekik duo for this one.

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I’d be shocked if we aren’t concentrating on the UCL game in mid week more, especially given Castros “eternal 4th place” comments from the other day.


I love Óscar, I think the lad has real potential, I just think Lope has used him horribly so far.


Fernando and Yen make the list

Bono, Dmitrovic, Javi Díaz, Jesús Navas, Montiel. Diego Carlos, Koundé, Rekik, Acuña, Augustinsson, Fernando, Delaney, Jordán, Rakitic, Óscar Rodríguez, Suso, Papu Gómez, Lamela, Ocampos, Idrissi, Munir, Rafa Mir y En-Nesyri.


We need these three points if we wanna keep up with Madrid. This is a really, REALLY important game


Even more incentive to win and play our best side after atleti lose. All these clubs deserve respect and have good players so we can’t underestimate anyone or rotate too much.




I certainly don’t think we will be full strength that is for sure.



I feel a few too many changes here from lope. We should have stuck more with lamela, Mir and papu.

I’m a little concerned to be honest but it’s still a decent team. I dunno why we worry to much about rotation when we don’t play again till Wednesday. We have a good team still and the firepower to change things but I just hope it’s not too late by then.

We need to win this. I still have faith but disappointed that there’s no Lamela or papu.

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