M37: Real Sociedad vs. Sevilla [2019-20]


As the season winds down, now with 2 games to spare, Sevilla has at last secured Champions League qualification.

We have perhaps seen one of the more consistent Sevilla performances in a while earlier this week against Mallorca. Now that we can play without the pressure of achieving our goal, how will we look in San Sebastián?

Escudero was struggling with a knock, so he has been replaced by Pablo Perez in the squad. As we are still without Vaclík, Bono will continue to deputize in goal after an assist-grabbing performance on Monday. A goal made in Morocco.

Although Lopetegui’s side have done all of the groundwork in attaining a Top 4 spot, La Real delivered the final nail in the coffin to the chasing Villarreal. What else is there to do then to thank ‘em by spanking ‘em?


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I like the creativity, but not much pace. Route-1 to YEN?

The objective was secure 4th place, now achieved, voices are saying go for 3rd place but I see that as a change of objective.

Objective achieved what is the challenge? Real Sociedad desire to win which is stress, but Sevilla can play relaxed and without stress, that’s often an advantage.
But with so much money at play, maybe Sevilla players are also on a bonus promise. Lope has rested key players like Ocampos, Banega and D. Carlos so I think obviously we are in the relaxed mode.


Lope can save his nerves for 2 games, should be a nice new sighting. I don’t mind, the season is complete for me, if we can pressure Atl is only a bonus but reaching 3rd place would look awesome behind the big 2.

Oops Nesyri thinking he’s Van Persie…

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Vamos mi Sevilla! Vamos Getafe!

Bono > Vaclik

Getafe had a goal, but was a toe offside.

As is often the case when Vázquez plays, our buildup play has been slow. He can deliver good balls in behind, but those chances are few and far between. Óliver has always been offering himself and has done Mudo’s job better imo.

Suso started well, but has since disappeared. Jordán plays better in a double-pivot. More space for him to run into. En-Nesyri is just being En-Nesyri. Couldn’t make much of half-chances, but did well to get a foot onto a Navas cross, but went straight into Moya.

Munir to save the day again?

Yup pretty much Munir or Ocampos fresh off the bench later

This is just the type of game for Nesyri, space up front, he’s had a couple of shots and a couple of nightmares, but that’s him. He needs more ball, but unlikely to get it, despite the space nobody can give him the run on ball, that’s makes me a bit disappointed with Oliver, no supply line.

Vazquez has hardly touched the ball in 45 minutes.
Jordan and Gudelj have been solid and so have the defence including Bono.
Needs a change because Sociedad are gradually getting hold.

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Atleti scored :frowning:

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And Alavez, Against Betis’ new super manager.

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Ocampos might have just killed that guy. Wow what a power shot.

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BONO Huge! MOTM so far


Bono doing well, rest a bit colorless


Did anyone notice what happened to the 4th ref.?
He was wearing black in the first half and Jordan passed the ball to him, thinking it was a Sevilla player, now dressed with orange shirt like the other officials

Missed that!

What a bummer. Ocampos had the chance, but couldn’t beat the keeper.

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A bore draw for us! It keeps our unbeaten run going though. I missed the match but sounds like Bono had a great game. Happy for him and nice to keep another clean sheet.

The 3rd place has gone now. Credit to atletico for their win. It’s still gives us the chance of getting 70 points if we can win the last match. Been a great season for us and the main objective has already been achieved which is the main thing.

Lopetegui may make further changes in the Valencia match to keep our first team for the Europa league. That competition and match against Roma is the priority now. Vamos!

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Not a bad result vs. Sociedad away who needed the 3 points.

Still hope for the third, as Sociedad still needs the points, but so does Valencia. Not going to be easy, good thing that the 4th is secured and beside the money difference (Chris mentioned that CL money has a bigger difference than Liga money), we could finally watch the final matches of our beloved team in peace.