M29: Levante vs Sevilla [2019-20]

This is scary stuff. Will take a point now!

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It’s games like these that we lose in the last 5 minutes, now we can’t hold Levante back … something really missing from our game.

It’s a bit disappointing but at least it’s another point on the board. We were the better team for 70 minutes and comfortable.

However, levante came back well in the last 20 minutes but we sat back and allowed them on to us. We scored a great goal, dominated possession and looked solid.

We just need to be more attacking though when we get the lead and push forward our advantage. Still it’s a point and we move on. Vamos!

Well should have been 1-2; shitty call by HH to take away the Carlos goal. Lopo went too defensive too early. Needed to push for a second one and he failed.


I see the problem. We scored in a move of ten or so seconds, great. But in the whole 96 minutes I can’t say we played good football for a complete minute.

Not good, sub standard, not the players fault, can only be the system.

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A shame we couldn’t hold on to the 3 points. Nothing new though…


I see Carlos Fernandez has bagged another one tonight though. :wink:


Don’t know what to make of Vaclik tonight we saw two sides to him, a couple of basic mistakes, one of which cost us the goal and a great save earlier.
From what I have seen so far, using all the 5 subs option seems to disrupt the team too much in my opinion

It was a great goal by Carlos Fernandez, and an even better one from Soldado against Betis.


Vaclik is too prone to stupid errors and he seems absolutely shite in one on ones. I still think we need another keeper personally, as a goalkeeper myself.

The save which led to the own goal he pushed straight back into the danger area, that ball should have been going wide of the goal, not straight back where it did.

I think he tries to be too flash too often and it leads to him looking like a dumbass. He kind of reminds me a lot of Roman Bürki of Dortmund in that respect.

Really? Not sure if you were being serious or because it was against Betis.

Either way, another goal which highlights how Betis have the Worst GK in La Liga for me. Robles is trash of the highest order, should never have sold Adán.

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About Vaclik I´ve been saying that all the time. He´s a very mediocre goalkeeper who gets away with more then he should because our defense is too good and bailing him out from more errors, he basically gets 3 balls a game and manages to screw it up half the time. Hasn´t caught a ball in 3 years time, stomps way to many balls into dangerous areas and his out of line performances are god aweful too.

Also the safe he made today, the low left corner shot, he had to overcompensate with his dive, because his positioning was terrible compared to where the shot came from. That shot should never had been that dangerous but he made it look like it was lol.


True that Kounde save off the line saved his ass.


It always does. Even in a pre-season friendly the changes always destroy the cohesion. Better sticking to 3 gradual changes. You’ve got 2 more in case there’s some last minute injury or the goalkeeper gets sent off.

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