M25: Getafe v Sevilla [2019-20]

GETAFE CF (3rd) vs. SEVILLA FC (6th)
Sunday, February 23rd, 2020
1230 EST / 1830 CET / 0430 AEST

It’s a battle at the Coliseum in southern Madrid for Europe’s elite, as Sevilla seeks an unlikely 3 points away to a resolute team in Getafe. In terms of identity, these teams are polar opposites in their philosophies, and also how far they’ve come to solidifying them. Getafe are playing exactly how they set out to, and are successfully leading the pack outside Spain’s Big 2.

On the form table (last 5 games), it would be 1st vs 13th. We won the reverse fixture by a 2-0 scoreline, with 2nd half goals by Chicharito & Ocampos. Not much has improved in our play since then, and the results have reflected that fact.

Escudero is out with injury, as Nolito & Munir have been dropped. Called up to the squad is the 19-yr old, Sevilla Juvenil A left-back Pablo Pérez.

Projected XI (5-4-1): Vaclík; Navas, Kounde, Gudelj, Diego Carlos, Reguilón; Suso, Fernando, Jordán, Ocampos; En-Nesyri.

Is there anyone that truly believes Sevilla can get a result at Getafe? It will have to come from the manager & the players. Nothing of late can give any indication that this team can put in an inspired performance. Even our early season luck has run out and is starting to go against us. We only see a push from the team after they concede. Is keeping the score at 0-0 the key to success?



I am a optimistic pessimist going for a 0-1 result with a Suso free kick deflected off a defender.


A must win… oh wait!

JLO badly needs a big performance from his team today or he could be looking at the sack very soon.

Sevilla have a better side than Getafe so should be winning these type of games but it seems that every team we play have an actual game plan and are coached properly.

1-2 win is my prediction, hoping we can bring Getafe back to earth after their result in the Europa League.

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Can’t see anything but a defeat sadly. We are not in form and on a bad run. The Lopetegui era has gone south and under his leadership I can’t see things getting any better. Getafe on other hand are one of the form teams in the league. They have goals in them and are tough to play. I see a 2-0 loss.

I hope for a surprise but can’t see it. It’s a win win though. As a surprise win would be huge and boost our top 4 chances. Whereas a loss may force the board to react and sack Lopetegui and then we can get back on track under new management. Let’s see what happens.


Going 3-0 Getafe.

Typical I want to watch this and our Virgin Media has gone down so now 1 hour from kick off currently I won’t be able to. :roll_eyes:

As long as Banega is still benched. But up top all we’ll see is De Jong get pushed around.

Don’t miss this chance and put your money on Getafe. It’s a win-win. :man_shrugging:t4:

However the win-win works both ways haha. Hoping we win, we win getting the 3 points. Which is good. If not, no worries, 0 points, Lope Fuera Por Favor. Which is Good

Anyway I have the bad feeling, we are gonna win this Today. So prepare for some more months of Jennifer Lopez in Charge.

Exactly this! From september onwards, every team has made progression, improved their teamwork, playstyle and identity. Where in this period we won games, by individual skill, referee decisions and pure luck. And now Since every other team is actually getting somewhere. We are stuck thinking were we lost the wagon of the improvement train.

So this genius coach decides that the best strategy today is to trot out the same team that couldn’t score on a Romanian team? (minus Reg of course)

I was going to say isn’t this basically the same team that has played the last like 8 matches in a row? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah basically its like last resort tactics no? If your head doesn´t fit through the hole the first time, headbutt it 10 more times the same way and it might work out.


I hate betting against us, but I really cannot see any other result than a Getafe victory today. :pensive::upside_down_face:

0-2. My bet. No idea how but. yes.

Dump and chase…what a fun brand of football.

It’s so fucking obvious we are missing a linking midfielder. Banega, Oliver. Hell, even Mudo. This is shit.

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Yeah 2 Defensive midfielders of which none of them can handle pressure let alone find good passes under pressure. I feel for Fernando that he has to go out of his way to make up for this… Shouldn´t be his task.

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And then there is Joan Jordan.

Good stuff Koundé, Also Reguillon, nice tackle. Not bad, defending.