M24: Sevilla v Espanyol [2019-20]

SEVILLA FC (5th) vs. RCD ESPANYOL (20th)
Sunday, February 16th, 2020
0600 EST / 1200 CET / 2230 AEST

European football returns this week for both teams, however their respective positions in the league table will demand more attention be given to their performances on home soil.

Óliver misses out again through injury, as Rony Lopes & Carriço were left off completely from this 19-man matchday squad.

Projected XI: Vaclík; Navas, Kounde, Diego Carlos, Reguilón; Fernando, Jordán, Banega; Suso, En-Nesyri, Ocampos.

Despite Espanyol travelling to the RSP without R.D.T., Sevilla’s toughest opponent will be themselves. A lot of the team’s problems have been self-generated, with points being dropped in very winnable games. Not only have the results suffered, but no recognizable style of play could be discerned. With all the good work from earlier this season being undone, Lopetegui needs a turn of events to ward off talks of an Unai Emery return.



Looks like a return to 4-2-3-1. Mudo holds the key in this one.

This is an absolutely massive game. The top 3/4 is there for the taking so we need to go out and make a statement.


I hope we sack Lope if we don’t win this one… but even if we do (which logically we should), he should be gone before it’s too late.

2nd straight chance to beat a team in last place. What would be his excuse if we didn’t win?

Suso to Ocampos. 1-0 Sevilla.

First of many?? Let’s go!!!

Um… was there a change to the VAR rules?

I thought you could only reverse a decision if it was a penalty incident. Otherwise, play continues.

And Espanyol scores from that freekick. Spanish referees at it again.


I feel like it’s customary for the opposing team to be gifted some kind of chance from the ref. But we got another 45 min to win this. Vamos!

Same question? Something must have fundamentally changed or the referees made up for an unforgivable scandal by revising calls outside of the box or that were not for a red card. Very very weird. Could be that the little half circle outside of the box is also considered, but come on… never seen that happen before!

Otherwise, we should be able to win this one in the second half, however, we are very very clumsy on defense. The thing is, we are attacking a lot, and losing the ball often which leaves us very vulnerable on counters. Add to that that only a few players track far back, there you have it - a perfect team to counter the hell out of.

Lopetegui is not the proper manager for this team and should be gone before it’s too late. We can still save the season!

This isn’t good enough. Have to win this. The pressure builds on Lopetegui. Big 45 mins now. Vamos!

Nolito on for Mudo

This could be the end of Lopetegui. Embarrassing stuff!

He’s bringing on a defensive midfielder? When he getting beat at home to a relegation threatened team. Oh my.


I mean if Reguilon is going to defend, I guess you take him off. This might help to be honest. Nothing can help Banega’s give aways though. Uggg

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What’s happening here? Came from work, Wasn’t expecting anything and I’m still disappointed watching the live scoreboard now. Damn.

Get a draw here, kick lope and climb back to the top 4

Time for Lopetegui to go for me. I believe the change is needed. I’m afraid that the club will wait to see how the europa league campaign goes first. But in my opinion we need to make the change now, then we might stand half a chance to qualify for any European competition next season and maybe have a chance in the europa league. Even if we come back in this game. Its still to late for me. Been poor for number of weeks, been quite poor even when we won.

With the squad we have, we don’t need a negative manager.

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I agree. We might not even finish top 6 now. Which is criminal to be honest.

I like to be patient with managers, but lose to Celta and Espanyol in consecutive weeks and I am sorry it is Bye bye Lopetegui for me. Absolutely shambolic!

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