Looking for Feedback on Monchi's Men:

Hi all,
As Monchi’s Men continues to evolve and change we are always looking for ways to continue to grow the forum and especially the English speaking fanbase for Sevilla FC. If you could, please take a few moments to fill out this survey. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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I think that interviewing players with questions from the forum member would be quite awesome. Also, some PR to gather even more English fans of Sevilla around the world.

I don’t have concrete ideas but something along those lines.


I’m hoping to utilize some connections to do just that. Not sure if it will work, but let’s see. Can’t hurt to ask right?


I have filled out my feedback form. Yeah I think more audio and videos would be cool. Get the balance between written communication and audio chat.

I thought when we tried that zoom call it was pretty fun and a neat idea. Will be cool to try that again and set up audio/video in other ways too.