Looking back and forward

What are your thoughts on the season so far and what do you hope and/or expect for the remaining 11 matches?

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What are they going to do about player contracts that expire at the end of June?

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I think these will be handled on an individual basis. But for the most part, i’m sure most will be allowed to run till the end of their respective campaigns.

UEFA still wants to end their competitions, so it’ll be tricky how long those contracts will go on for. I really wanna keep Banega & Nolito till the very end. Looking back at our earlier games, I’ve come to appreciate them a bit more.

Julen still needs to prove himself as a coach. Fortunately it hasn’t been as disastrous as initially thought. We were in the midst of bouncing back from a bad slip, so perhaps the break will do us a world of good, considering we’re not playing EL.

I still worry about the RB position, especially since we’re gonna be cramming in 11 games in 35 days. We’re gonna need to be lucky with fitness levels, cause our squad got thinner after January.

Despite the circumstances, the goal is still no less than top 4. The only way we have a chance of keeping DC, Ocampos, and what Monchi has built is by guaranteeing CL football.

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Hi everyone. It’s great to have the football back. I hope everyone is healthy and well. Hopefully we are past the worst of this pandemic now. Fingers crossed.

Even if it’s just back behind closed doors it’s still a big boost. As for the resumption I actually think the long break might have benefitted us. In the past we have been known to burn out in the 2nd half of seasons due to fatigue, injuries and loss of form.

Hopefully we comeback refreshed and raring to go. I think the break will have suited Lopetegui too. He was under a bit of pressure despite the fact we are sitting in 3rd and still in the Europa league.

It’s some game to start with. The big derby and the most important game of the season. It will be weird playing it without fans but a win would do wonders for Sevilla looking to finish in champions league.

I have faith in the squad. Our big problem was a lack of goals up front. However, we addressed this bringing in En Neysri who settled in well. Let’s hope for a big performance against Betis next week. Vamos!


Damn Suso more than likely out with a knee injury.

Looking back I was happy to call off la liga and go to Champions. The Champions league money guaranteed is higher than the entire season ticket sales for one year, so it’s sound business.

Now la liga is back in play and there’s a risk of a slip up. So I can only hope that we all enjoy what comes next. Whatever happens this 19/20 season, la liga 20/21 will start later in September and that might help Sevilla in quite a few ways.

Also looking forward, I hope that En Neysri steps up a gear and we can find a rapid, highly mobile midfielder, box to box, with the pass of a Banega or Rakitic but has to be on the young side.


I’m on around the 42nd minute I think to talk about Sevilla.


https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2653195798283116&set=gm.1928629487274582 Looking way back. A photo from 1908.

El Sevilla Fc fue fundado en 1905,pero la primera foto conocida data de 1908 en la que aparece el primer presidente, José Luis Gallegos, primero por la izquierda de pie.
Ahí están: Valenzuela,portero,Pepe Lafita y Fernandez,defensas;García Martinez,Ruiz de Castañeda y Montoto, medios,y Bezard,J.Cobian,Leconte,Illana y Romero,delanteros.

  • Google Translated: The Sevilla Fc was founded in 1905, but the first known photo dates from 1908 in which the first president, José Luis Gallegos, appears, first from the left standing.
    There they are: Valenzuela, goalkeeper, Pepe Lafita and Fernandez, defenders; García Martinez, Ruiz de Castañeda and Montoto, media, and Bezard, J.Cobian, Leconte, Illana and Romero, forwards.