Liverpool vs Sevilla Match Thread

Wissem Ben Mother Fucking Yedder! :slight_smile:

Kind of on our heels here. That goal was huge to give us some cousin. Need to settle down and get some possession.

Well fuck. Moreno just helped get the monkey off his back with Liverpool fans. Poor defending leads to a Firmino goal. Assisted by Moreno.

Haha Thanks post

Pizarro off with an injury. Sarabia coming on. Sarabia going to CAM or Correa to CAM? Banega will have to push back

Almost annihilated in the first half… could’ve conceded 4-5 goals easily, very lucky.

Hopefully we’ll improve in the second a bit, or we’re headed for a debacle tonight.

Something has to give. They are making us look so slow. I hate Mercado started. I think Navas + Corcia would have troubled Moreno big time not allowing him to get forward in attack.

Defense is so slow.

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Corchia to save this match. Mercado might risk red soon!

It was a tough 1st half. Liverpool are strong at home and going forward! To be hones though, their goals were excellent and I not upset with our defending. It was great play by them!

We started well, and scored a great goal. We had a few moments going forward and did ok in defence at times,

However, mercado and parejas lack of pace is gettting exposed big time! I think berizzo needs to take mercado off for corchia. Or we could go down to 10!

Liverpool have targeted our weak side and exposed us, we need to address that and been more offensive going forward to stand a chance of getting a result. We still in it though, and let’s hope we can snatch a draw or at least go down fighting!


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Sarabia coming on gives us more creative options, especially with Correa cutting infield a lot. Banega has been more active after we conceded the first goal. I just have no hope for our right side of defense. Navas has tracked back as well, but Mercado & Pareja are suffering. Nice battle between Navas & Moreno though.

What the fuck from Berizzo? So stupid. We don’t need that shit. Have some class.

Pareja has been a liability.

Correa bossing! 2-2 baby.

He’s so good. Not sure that touch was intentional but what a finish

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He didn’t need much right. Deadly

Corchia on for Navas

Why 4 Minutes? There was very little stoppage at all in the second half.

Poor kid can’t score to save his life.

Really bad to see our boss lose his temper that easy

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