Liverpool Splash 75 Million Pounds on a Defender!

What is the world coming to. 75 Million pounds on a freaking defender?

Hahaha… the worst thing is, Virgil Van Dijk!

He had a good season at Southampton and now all the EPL is crazy about him.

We were linked to him a couple of years ago, in my honest opinion, a very average defender, probably not better what Liverpool currently have, and I doubt he will help fix their defense.

I’m reminded of Rio Ferdinand sold to Manchester united for 28 million? might have been more, and they recovered half the fee in shirt sales in the first 2 years. There’s so much marketing that football is secondary.

Damn, Mourinho was spot on when he said Pogba’s transfer was a bargain. The funny thing is I still think Liverpool’s defence will be shite; Mignolet’s still there.