Liverpool Chat (Part 2, BATTLE OF THE TITANS!)

So there we have it, the long awaited match vs. Liverpool.

Not sure if it can be considered a ‘do or die’ match, as the one vs. Spartak was more like it, but it is definitely a battle of the titans, meaning the best teams in the group, and more of a battle for the first place.

A loss would complicate things and a win could see us finish first and avoid the top teams in the knockout draw. However, I’m quite comfortable with finishing second and playing top teams in the knockout stage… after all, why not?

Atletico had to beat the likes of Milan, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern etc. to reach the CL final, so there are no weak teams once you’re out of the group stages.

Hopefully Felix Brych won’t screw this up, as it will definitely be a high-tempo match and not very easy to have a full control over it.

Fingers crossed for a win, though I’m not too optimistic, but I still believe that this team can show up tomorrow night and get a positive result. Even a draw would be GOLDEN!

A quick lineup prediction:


Mercado (if fit) - Kjaer - Lenglet - Escudero
Pizarro - N’Zonzi
Navas Nolito
Muriel/WBY (hoping for Muriel for this one)

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I think Muriel will play, he was excellent on Saturday. The Corchia injury looked serious to me, like it could be lateral knee ligaments so Mercado will have to be fit. Correa also returns to the squad, I’ve got a feeling he was fit for Saturday’s game but was reserved for this.

Never thought I’d say ‘Good to see Rico back’ but after seeing how David Soria did :astonished:

I think that Sarabia will get the nod over Navas, just the idea that our play is much more creative with him.

Sorry to say though, i’m not too optimistic either.

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Kjaer injured is the rumour, bad.

Full squad, Corchia OK but Kjaer out. Ganso doesn’t get a look in.

Sergio Rico, David Soria, Corchia, Mercado, Lenglet, Geis, Escudero, Nzonzi, Pizarro, Krhon-Dehli, Banega, Franco Vázquez, Navas, Sarabia, Nolito, Correa, Ben Yedder y Muriel

Lo lo lo lo looooo. Vamos Campeon!!

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Vamos sevilla! Shame Kjaer is out! Everyone else is fit! Big boost to have corchia and mercado fit. Only worry is at centre back but I still think we can win! Going 2-1 us! Vamos!

Mercado can play at centre back with lenglet, corchia and escudero at full backs. Provided they all fit! That would be a decent defence.

After that we full strength! Hopefully we recover the other centre backs soon as we short there but everywhere else we have no injury worries

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Does Geis get another look at CB or does Mercado get the start? I’m worried about the defense either way. Terrible game to miss out on having Kjaer who has been excellent this year IMO.
I think Correa gets the nod over Nolitio and Navas will get the start on his birthday. Look for Sarabia to come on quick if Navas isn’t providing anything though.

The RSP will be loud and it’s going to be a fun game. Let’s keep the unbeaten streak alive and send Klopp back to the UK with some tear stains on his glasses.

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Spartak V Maribor started 71 minutes ago and it’s standing at 0-0

Spartak Maribor finished 1-1

I think Mercado must play in this game, and he does …

Sergio Rico; Mercado, Geis, Lenglet, Escudero; Pizarro, Nzonzi; Sarabia, Banega, Nolito; y Ben Yedder.

Fantastic result that Maribor held Spartak! Great news for us, we all but qualified already!

Great news that now we can at least finish second only if we beat Maribor away in the last match, so more or less we’re qualified (although not 100% as this is Sevilla and we like to complicate things, so who knows).

Perhaps this will ease the pressure off a bit for the players tonight, however, still they need to give 100% to get a positive result out of this. Why not go for the first place?

Official lineup:


Mercado Geis Lenglet Escudero
Pizarro N’Zonzi
Sarabia Nolito

Not bad. Would’ve wanted Muriel as CF, but otherwise looks good. A great moment for Geis to show his true worth tonight at CB (although unnatural position).

Let’s do this!


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“Liverpool should easily win this group” - Clearly don’t understand anything about Sevilla!

Well shit…

Sarabia asleep on that goal. What the fuck. How can you not be up for this game?

OMG Nolito!! Great move, but damn couldn’t finish.

and another fucking miss. Come on !!!

welp! Defense is killing us!

Aren’t expecting anything from Berizzo and this current team.

Thanks to Maribor we could probably advanced to round of 16.

I’ll leave BrizzoOut to second half of season.