Let's do the impossible

Great video on the Biri twitter. feed to get us into the mood


Wow just heard that Sergio Rico will be on the bench, Mercado out through injury.

That is a big blow (Mercado that is, although who do we have that is better than Rico?)

Mercado is a huge blow, considering Banega is out also, but I hope Kjaer will do the job tonight. Fortunately Navas is available and he can start at RB.

As for Rico, I couldn’t care less, but not sure why he’s being benched now… this should’ve happened waaaay before! If that’s the case, hopefully Soria will put on a decent performance tonight!


This is definitely the most important match and tie in the history of the club and we are very very lucky to experience it!

I’d be content with anything that happens, as long as the players give their best in the pitch!


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Surprised by the Rico bench. Hopefully Pizarro and N’Zonzi pair well with one another.

Cried during the anthem. Emotionally drained already lol. VAMOS!


Vidal looks injured.

Nice ball there by Sarabia, Just too tall for WBY.

Vamos Sevilla!!

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PK or no?

Penalty! Robbed by the ref. We get no respect.

OMG what a miss! Vasquez 1v1 and hits it wide!

Soria actually caught a ball. Haven’t seen that in a bit. haha


Sarabia!!! What a goal, great ball in too!!

Oh poor Navas! :frowning: Own goal 1-1

Meh… we were historically punished by conceding goals without any clear chances. This was a perfect example! What a stupidly silly goal… oh my!

Sarabia literally missed a penalty (the ball merely moved, though he shot with his right), but thankfully made it up with a nice finish with the left.

This Bayern is not the Bayern we’re used to see. They don’t pose any brutal threat like RM or Barca does when they play at 100%. I’m not fearing them too much, what I’m fearing is our own players, our own stupid mistakes that always cost us.

I’d be happy even with 1-1, but 2-1 would make it much much better for the return leg. I just hope that we don’t concede another, as conceding 1 was somehow inevitable with the players that we have.

We’re kind of dominating the match and being more dangerous, but we’re not very effective nor productive. Hopefully we can bag another one and shut shop until FT.


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We were the better team for sure. Should have had more. Ref and terrible finishing strikes again