LaLiga 2021-22 Season Thread

The forces of evil have already started to plot on the throne. Agüero & Messi finally united. Madrid & Ancelotti reunited.

Bring. It. On.

Nobody’s stopping the Papu dance! :laughing:


Eric Garcia to Barcelona confirmed today too.


Aguero. Like don’t get me wrong he has been a fantastic player over the years, but they are going to need a lot more than him now. :joy:


Spent force, like most of Barca and Real Madrid, they’re going to have it tough next season.

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lets not forget Aguero has a World Cup to get ready for. Think he is going to be a problem and score 20+ easy tap in FC Barca goals off Messi assists.

Waiting to see what Monchi brings in to improve Sevilla chances.

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Where are you from @FrankiB11 ?

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UEFA announced that they are removing the away goal rule starting from next season (2022-23).


It’s actually from this new season (2021-22) and not the next, in all club competitions.

Farewell away goal!


Thank fuck!!! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: About 30 years later than they should have done!


If it was for me, I’d get the ET golden goal back in all competitions :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! I thought it was the dumbest idea to get rid of it.


It definitely made the ET much more exciting… it was breathtaking to say the least and I enjoyed it most in WC 2002.


Every time I get used to a rule, they change it. Darn !

I still remember the original rules, the ball is out when it’s 7/8 over the line etc.

Most of the new rules are word salads and difficult to interpret but they always lack total clarity which means subjective opinion, or in other words, hand the decision to the referee. If the rule doesn’t have sufficient definition to be written in a computer program it’s a free pass for the referee to interpret. I don’t like that, but it’s nothing to do with what we’re discussing.

Golden goal I didn’t like, have to confess.


Agree not in a major tournament.


Golden Goal was straight forward. When they brought in Silver Goal everyone got well confused.


Why I don’t like golden goal…

Take the Uefa 2016 for example, Sevilla won 1-3 and finished it within 90 minutes. But if that had gone to extra time, Coke wouldn’t have scored his second goal with golden goal in vigor.

Need I say more !!!

As things went, Sevilla took the lead and then gave a masterclass on how to keep the ball and not let Liverpool back in the game. That’s the sort of football I feel is most glorious and most interesting and fans would be deprived of that with golden goal.


I hate Away Goals, always have because:

  1. The whole situation like in the UCL Semi when Inter and Milan drew 1-1 on aggregate and Milan won on Away goals. They play in the same stadium, the whole concept is broken by this exact situation.

  2. A team could in effect win on Away goals having been out played over two legs but somehow scoring a fluke 70 yard own goal off of the oppositions bum cheek in the first minute of the first game then defending for 179 minutes.

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I do too, the only thing in its favour is the maths, it creates another dimension to the planning of ‘what if’ situations.


I’ve always loved the fact the play offs in England have never used them.

I don’t understand you here Tim. That game wasn’t at risk of an extra-time period.