La Liga Smartbank ascenso/promotion day

Today is looking like an exciting finale for La Liga Smartbank (Second division). For better or worse, relegation is already decided, which tends to add additional excitement into match day 42.

Today at 3 PM ET (is that 8 PM or 9 PM CET?) Granada’s title of second division is in its own hands against Leganés, whereas Las Palmas and Alavés will battle it out in the event that Granada gets dethroned, as they are one and two points behind Granada, respectively.

Perhaps more importantly than the “crown” is the likelihood of playoffs versus direct slot into Primera. In effect, the winner of Las Palmas and Alavés guarantees a direct slot. Not sure of tiebreaker, but if they tie, even Levante could sneak in and snag the second direct-to-Primera slot.

Don’t expect to be able to watch, but would be exciting to follow events here on the Forum with you all.


Until last week anyone down to about ninth could have made the play offs. As it is now the play offs are sorted, just who from the top 6 will go up automatically and who will be in the play offs. Don’t forget league position is huge here as after two legs and extra time if scores are level, the higher ranked team goes through.

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Granada promoted as Champions, Las Palmas up as Second placed team. Leaves Levante, Alaves, Eibar and Albacete in the play offs. Those are going to be some fiercely competitive games.

I hope either Levante or Albacete come up… Alaves is such a dull opponent, and Eibar always seems to be a bit of a nuisance for us.


In other news promotion to La Segunda from the Primera RFEF sees Racing Ferrol (from near La Coruña and Vigo) as well as Amorebieta (from near Bilbao) promoted as the two Champions.

The promotion play offs for the other two spots are as such…

Celta Vigo B vs Eldense (this becomes a bit awkward if Celta B win through, then their first team get relegated as they then cannot be promoted!)

Real Sociedad B vs Alcorcon

FC Barcelona Athletic vs Real Madrid Castilla (yikes!)

Deportivo La Coruña vs Castellon (our very own Alfonso Pastor is on loan at Castellon at the moment).

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Please god let Depor pull through this time :pray:


Hope Eldense go up as they finished same points as Racing Ferrol, just unfortunate to have the worse record.

Of the others I guess Deportivo or Castellon. I’m not a huge fan of B teams in Segunda if I’m honest.

Saying that from a historical FM save kind of mindset, I was Sociedad manager when they were in Segunda once and got them promoted, and built up their B / Youth team into an amazing setup too, constant young lads being brought into my first team, so in that sense I guess I’d allow Sociedad B into Segunda. :joy:


Barca B beat Real Madrid B 4-2 in their first leg of the Promotion play offs, two goals for our own Luismi Cruz.

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Probably Barcelona’s though… I think they have a buy option.

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So Primera RFEF Play off Semi Final First Leg scores…

Celta Vigo B 3-2 Eldense
Real Sociedad B 1-2 Alcorcon
Barcelona Athletic 4-2 Real Madrid Castilla
Deportivo 1-0 Castellon

Segunda Division Play Off Semi Final First Leg Scores…

Eibar 1-1 Alaves
Albacete 1-3 Levante

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Rumors are they aren’t/can’t exercise it, so he’s probably coming back!


Suso would have been proud of both of those goals. Left foot from the top corner of the box, lol.

Looks like we have a Suso substitute for 2024.

I suspect we’ll sell before that, but feel like we need to do a better job getting players onto the first team before selling them. Can’t get those big sticker sales off guys out of 2nd and 3rd tier.

Plus, the first team could use some canterano air


Levante won today and will move on to face the winner of the Alavés and Eibar match.

Today I learned that Campaña tore a cruciate ligament in April. Uggg poor guy.


Alaves won today and will face Levante for promotion.


Glad Mendi won’t have to have his old Eibar, TBH

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After the storylines in the Championship promotion playoffs, I can’t help but feel “meh” about the teams being promoted this year. I’d love to have a Cinderella story like Luton Town in La Liga!


Second Legs:

Eldense 3-0 Celta B (Eldense Win 3-2)

Alcorcon 1-1 Real Sociedad B (Alcorcon Win 3-2)

Real Madrid Castilla 3-0 Barcelona B (RM Castilla Win 5-4 [95th min penalty Winner])

Castellon 4-3 Deportivo (4-4, Castellon Win as they finished Higher in their division)

Finals will be…

Castellon v Alcorcon

Real Madrid Castilla v Eldense

Recreativo de Huelva has been promoted to 1°a RFEF after todays game. So they have an opportunity this next season to break into La Liga Smart Bank

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Man sad to see Depor missed out again. It’s like HSV in Germany also failing every year.

And only one thing to do, hope for the better next season.

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What’s the latest on Luismi? Back?

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