January possible ins and outs

Two to start the thread with.
Sevilla have reached an agreement for the transfer of Corinthians full-back Guilherme Aran, the player has confirmed.
The 20-year-old’s quotes, as carried by ABC de Sevilla and Estadio Deportivo, state that only the contracts now need signed as the agreement is finalised. Reportedly costing us 11m euros

Walter Montoya out. He will free up a none euro place by leaving for Boca juniors.

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Arana at LB and Vidal at RB/RW would be ideal. Maybe another striker and loan either Muriel or WBY or keep them and have them all compete for a spot.

Berizzo has stated that we are not looking for another striker :open_mouth:

Well yeah, he must be satisfied with the efficiency of the current strikers… WBY and Muriel close to 10 goals each so far… etc.

Not sure this is what we need. Interesting if true. Pastore is a good player, but how does he fit in?

A weird rumor… usually we’re not linked to players of his caliber… but anything can happen, this is Sevilla!

Matteo Darmian also rumored for a January signing. With Arana being a 99.99% done deal, seems that the management wants a RB, so that Mercado can be shifted at CB, while we wait for Pareja and Carrico to return. Meanwhile, Geis can also contribute to CB as he has been doing lately, but hopefully his man-marking is improved in the meantime.

is nzonzi on his way out? why isn’t he practicing with the team?

Could very well be. Not sure what happened after the first half with Liverpool, but we know by now that he isn’t injured… so anything could’ve happened.

Story seems to be that N’Zonzi said the couldn’t play the double pivot with Pizarro that they weren’t compatible. So he’s been regulated to the bench.

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I mean, he’s kinda right. Him and Pizarro operate in a lot of the same spaces. And he excelled in that role as the deepest midfielder last season. He was less impactful when he had Krycho playing next to him two years ago too.

Corinthians have signed and Arana has signed, so it is 99.99% official and he will have the medical next week when he arrives at the club.

11 million euros for 80% of the player rights, with a 4.5 years long contract.

Hopefully he’ll turn out to be the “new Marcelo” as reported by the media when Barca were after him earlier last month.

I mean I agree - We have much better movement with two CAM type players in front of one deeper lying midfielder

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We have allocated 25.2 Million euros from the Champions League so far in the group stages and advancing to the knockout stage among the best 16 teams in Europe.

As it seems, there is no urgent need to sell N’Zonzi if we’re not going to reinforce with more than 2 players. Arana is already signed for 11 million and we can surely get 1-2 more players with 14 million Euros, or at least 1 player.

If we sell N’Zonzi (supposedly for 30 million and above), then we can go for 3-4 players in the winter market. This means direct signings, while we can also loan someone till the end of the season if needed.

Hoping that the management will act wise with the money of N’Zonzi if he is sold, or act wise with the CL allocated money if we keep N’zonzi.

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Sell NZonzi for 30 mil don’t need his disruption around the team. We can more than replace him with that cash.

Welcome to Sevilla Arana!!

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If 2 are going out (Montoya & Nzonzi) then only 2 will come in. With the Arana deal already official, only 1 other spot will be filled with Nzonzi’s departure almost certain. Sander Berge’s name is popping back up in the rumour mill. I wouldn’t mind this addition as it provides good balance in the competition for that DM role : a young prospect mixed with 2 more experienced players in Pizarro & Geis, who also have differing skill sets.

Also, not that i have much of an issue with Carole, but he’ll be our 3rd LB? Why not terminate his loan, and bring in Jovetić once more?? LOL I still can’t come to grips that we let go of a big game goal scorer, so i’m still dreaming of a return for Jojo. Who else is with me?


Jojo shined with Sampaoli in an unusual system, just imagine how he would do in a regular 4-2-3-1 or even 4-3-3 implemented by Berizzo. Most probably he is the perfect striker (Aspas role) for Berizzo’s system, and we didn’t sign him when we had the chance, rather splashed on Muriel and kept WBY.

Perhaps what you’re saying is correct, that Arana took Montoya’s place, and N’Zonzi will create place for one more signing, however, I really think that we need another striker, a typical goalgetter like Jojo that you mentioned.

Castro said that Pareja and Carrico are about to return in early 2018, so maybe we don’t need a CB as for now, but we urgently need a RB. We needed a RB more than a LB (Arana), so this is a bit confusing.

I also think that Carole’s loan will be cancelled early as it doesn’t make sense to be a third option LB at this stage of the season.

Berge’s name has surfaced again on the rumor list, but Genk are trying to keep him until summer at all costs and Liverpool are also interested to sign him in January.

To be honest, I would be happier if we sign Roque Mesa and bring him back to La Liga after EPL failure. Mesa is a hard worker and could adapt quickly, compared to Berge, also way more experienced both as a player in overall and experienced in La Liga, a fighter, ball winner and good team player.

We surely don’t need another technical midfielder that doesn’t tackle much or at all and only passes sideways while not contributing much to the match (N’Zonzi this season).


That last paragraph pretty much describes Roque Mesa.

Hmm… was referring to Berge. Mesa fights a lot and runs a lot, a Makelele type of player and would adapt nicely here. But don’t worry, he’s not even rumored lately, just an article popped up in the sense of ‘could Roque Mesa return back to La Liga?’ something like that. We missed the chance to have him before joining EPL, so not sure it can be done now.

I remember thinking that Roque Mesa was the only candidate worthy to replace Nzonzi as he is one of those few DMs that can destroy and create. His skill in starting attacks is very underrated. Getting him would make a lot of sense and would be the typical Sevilla signing (not performing in new environment, but looking for vindication.) But like Iborra at Leicester, i think Mesa is willing to prove himself and fight for his place. Honestly, i think he’s at the wrong club as Swansea is a sorry team right now, with or without him.