Jailed ex-Sevilla president blasts Betis!

I just saw this story from earlier today! Hilarious :rofl:


For a shamed man behind bars he sure makes some valid points…

I also notice Joaquin has been quoted as saying winning the derby at Sevilla was better than winning a trophy… or something to that effect. Small club mentality if you ask me.


He’s been out of jail for a year now and the press are saying ‘presently behind bars’ LOL, they don’t care do they, any old rubbish will do. He sits just outside the directors box now, keeping an eye on them.

Really? Wow! What lazy journalism. I didn’t know he was out, but would make sense considering his comments about being available if he is needed.

Yeah I thought he was still in as well.

The release was graduated, he had a period where he had to return to prison overnight and onother grade where he still had to report back and not go out at night. But as far as I know he’s now going to the RSP and angling to take over the club again (don’t get me started on that)

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whoa. fascinating.