Interview With Roma's Former Owner (Not kind words for Monchi)

Seems pretty harsh on Monchi’s time with the club.

Pallotta claims the coverage had consequences. “He (Monchi) was so against getting help. After one month it was just so clear. He felt that he had to prove he was Monchi, that he was not going to listen to anything we came up with from our data.

He wasn’t going to listen to anything we came up with internally. Nothing. Zero. The other mistake I made is, like, I should have realised that he calls himself Monchi… it’s like calling yourself Madonna. That should have been a warning sign for me.”

The expectations after that first season were through the roof and meeting them was always going to be a tall order. Roma did not kick on after reaching the final four of the Champions League.

They went backwards. The club believed Monchi should have had a Plan B. In hindsight Pallotta thinks that was presumptuous. “You can’t have a Plan B unless you have a Plan A. At the end of the day I don’t think he had a Plan A.”


Pallotta is a massive dickhead and despised by most Roma supporters, I wouldn’t listen to too much he has to say.


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I didn’t know Pallota was such a douche.


Ask any Roma fan, and i doubt they’ll have any kind words for Monchi. I wouldn’t really blame them. I feel like he didn’t thoroughly know Serie A that well, and perhaps overexerted himself a bit.

At the same time, this still falls on Palotta cause you should know what Monchi is known for and what his model is. You would think they got him strictly to improve the financial standing of the club. Obviously that wasn’t the case, so it’s a huge risk either way.


Meanwhile Jose Mourinho confirmed as AS Roma coach… LOL!

Thank goodness he will probably never become our coach during his career, as it would be ludicrous and would damage our club a lot.