Happy La Liga 2019-2020!


Bilbao vs Barcelona on now. Interesting from Barcelona to come out with no Busquets or Rakitic in the starting XI. Went with the young new man De Jong Alena and Roberto.

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I found it odd Bilbao have gone with Simon in goal given he was dropped for Herrerin last season. :rofl:

Bilbao player decent 1st half! They have caught Barça at a good time with no messi and now Suarez gone off injured. Plus, yeah was strange that Busquets never started to be honest. He’s like the focal point for them!

So ITV have rights for 3 games so far in the UK this season (Tonight’s game, Barca v Betis next week and Real Madrid v Villarreal the week after), do SFC TV show La Liga games? So annoying no one in the UK has the TV rights like Sky Sports had for so long. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Madre mia Aduriz! :flushed:


Stunning strike from Aduriz! Great moment for the veteran forward, his last season at club too! Barça were sluggish and missed messi big time. Plus Suarez going off was a big blow to them too! Well makes la Liga more competitive anyway, which is what we all want!


What a freaking strike from the 38 year old! Barca was lost the whole game without the magic man Messi.


I agree, Barça looked unorganized. Only Rafinha played well once he came on, but that midfield was a mess.

But what a goal to open up this La Liga season! Title up for grabs now. :smile:


Can I just say now that I am and always have been very anti Messi, so don’t be surprised if you see me slagging him off any opportunity I get. :rofl:

Bring on Espanyol v Sevilla and Real Betis v Valladolid this weekend now. :clap:

Great strike from Aduriz. A deserved win for Athletic and a good result for La Liga. What a player Williams is! Barca struggled without Messi and then even more so when Suarez went off injured. A strange choice not to start either Busquets or Rakitic.

Athletic will be a tough game for anyone at home where they’re so strong. Similar to how we are at home usually. Was nice to catch the game on ITV 4 also.


Rakitic they are talking about moving on so that might explain why he didn’t start?


That’s true. Not going to happen but I’d love him back at Sevilla.

Dabbur out for technical decision, Banega for yellows carried over from last season.
Looks like we’ll have to be content with De Jong for at least 60 minutes. I want to see some football thru the middle tomorrow.


1 Vaclík, 2 Corchia, 3 Sergi Gómez, 4 Kjaer, 5 Ocampos, 6 Carriço, 7 Rony Lopes, 8 Nolito, 9 Dabbur, 10 Banega, 11 Munir, 12 Koundé, 13 Sergio Rico, 14 Arana, 15 Gnagnon, 16 Jesús Navas, 17 Gudelj, 18 Escudero, 19 De Jong, 20 Diego Carlos, 21 Óliver Torres, 22 Franco Vázquez, 23 Reguilón, 24 Jordán, 25 Fernando, 27 Pozo, 30 Bryan y 31 Javi Díaz.


I was gonna single this ref out for being pro-Real Madrid. But gives a questionable red card to Modrić after VAR review. Shoulda been yellow. But, it’s La Liga. Toni Kroos then scores a screamer from about 25 yards.

Happy La Liga indeed. It’s like Christmas.

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Will be a good win for Real Madrid! Celta away is never easy!

Celta’s had their chances, but just can’t finish. That offsides at half time was questionable imo.

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Joel Robles sent off after 8 minutes for Betis. :rofl::rofl::rofl: That guy is so crap!!!

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What happened? It took me a bit to find the game on.

NM, pretty stupid foul at the top of the box.