Happy Father's Day, sevillistas!

One of the really touching things in the hours before and the celebrations after the final in Budapest was all the times I heard grown men crying and saying “mi sevillismo es el regalo más grande que me ha dado mi papá” (my support of Sevilla is the biggest gift my father gave me).

Good reminder for us all to remember our dads, whether they gave us our passion for football or not!

And for those of us who are dads ourselves, hard to say whether our kids will thank us for their sevillismo or curse us for our own obsession with Sevilla. So far, I think my approach of not forcing them to be sevillistas is working… they each own various pieces of SevillaFC gear and they wear it with pride to school. Hope someday to hear them thanking me for giving them the gift of sevillismo.

For those of you living in Spain, who had forgotten that much of the rest of the world celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June…call your dad!