Happy Anniversary 2014 Europa League Champions!

Do you have a favorite moment from the match? Beto of course was huge (even if he was off the line in PKs).


I remember that it was a very nerve-wracking match.

Favorite moments, definitely the saves of Beto. He was a bit (1-2 metres :stuck_out_tongue:) out of his line when doing the saves, but who cares?

Our players also executed some of the most phenomenal penalties that were ever seen in football. All precise and sharp shots. It simply was our night and we had to get that trophy. Benfica’s infamous European curse played a psychological role in their players too, I think.


Benfica was stacked! How did we pull that off? Oblak, Maxi Pereira, Garay, Gaitan, Rodrigo.


Luisao as well. A very decent team, but we had our own too like: Bacca, Vitolo, Rakitic, M’bia, Fazio, Gameiro, Reyes - among others.


I don’t really remember a lot from this game, I think I must have been working when it was played. I remember catching most of the second half of the Dnipro Final, and watching the Liverpool game as I got in an argument with a work colleague over it who was a Liverpool supporter.

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Ahh man, the EL final vs. Liverpool was amazing.

I was watching it in my city at this place: http://prntscr.com/si3p7q - it’s kind of an open-air cinema place but a lot of football events are transmitted in a big projector. That photo was from an away Kosovo match, but it was kind of similar when Liverpool vs. Sevilla played, a lot of Liverpool fans gathered and I was the only one with a Sevilla shirt on. Had a couple of friends with me who cheered for Sevilla too, because of me lol.

It was surreal to see tons of sad faces at the end, despair all around, but I was happy as ever before!

That’s just one of many great memories that only a Sevilla fan can experience.