Haaland just got his SECOND HAT TRICK IN A ROW (currently playing in the second half, so he might even get 4-5 in today’s match). 9 goals in 5 matches

Basically Kevin De Bruyne finally got the striker he deserves. KDB is really the one who gets much of the credit, guy should have been winning balloon d’Or for years…but that tandem is going to be unstoppable this year. Man City is going to take every piece of hardware on that table, you heard it here first.


Farmer league.

Florentino Perez disagrees with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for Man City to put Real Madrid in their place. If they had haaland last season they would have buried Madrid. They wasted lots of chances over 2 legs. It appears City have that missing piece now.

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Has anyone run the numbers on spending in EPL this year? I get the sense that there are some exceptions via the usual Galácticos, but the spending by EPL clubs has been unhinged. West Ham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Aston Villa…even the tiny clubs seems to be spending inexplicably. What’s the market force that has changed suddenly to make middling EPL clubs suddenly become powerhouses?

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Wow, the net figure is the crazy one. So pretty much even with RM and esp. Barça spending sprees…LaLiga is neutral, meaning that most clubs sold a lot more than they brought in. Any analysis on the WHY? What’s going on with English football? Regulatory changes or something? Lots of teams still trying to keep up with Man City?

For mid to lower table teams in premier league, I’d say one of the reason is the new oversea TV contract, league position will actually affect the oversea TV money unlike previous contract (every team get the same oversea TV money previously).
On the top that, premier league doesn’t have salary cap like la Liga. The new salary cap imposed this season affect every la Liga team except RM enormously.

he is hard to watch during build up but wow can he break for goal in a second