Guiri Sevilla fans living in Sevilla

Hi, I am new to this site. I have a Sevilla season ticket. I sit in fondo alto Are there any other season ticket holders on this site?

*i did look through the threads but didn’t see a similar topic.


Hi and welcome @wookie76. Super happy to have you here.

We do have a few season ticket holders here. I think @TimSpence2 and @sevilla_spurs are ticket holders. I’m not sure if there are others.

How did you find out about the site?

Again, super happy to have a new member and I hope you visit and comment often! :slight_smile: :sevillafc:!


Hi there

I’m a season ticket holder, gol Norte upper tier. Usually across for 5/6 games a year

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Had my season ticket for the last 3 seasons, I’m in the fondo lower, near the north goal for every home game.


Hi mate,

Yes there are quite a few of us around, this is my 6th season and I sit in P42 with another guiri biris right opposite you and there are many more spread around, with many in Gol Sur, who normally meet up after the games in the Europa Bar (sometime before games also).



And a welcome to James also (@JGMillwall)

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Nice! Welcome @JGMillwall. It rocks to see so many new faces around!

How could I forget about you! My bad mate.

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I’m a Palace fan and someone on the Palace fanzine site (he posts on here as SurrySevilla) said about this place.

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I am in F43, literally the opposite corner of the stadium from you. I sometimes go to Europa before the game but rarely after, though I could. I live in Los Arcos so it is a 10 minute walk home for me. This will be my 6th season as well.

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@wookie76 - I thought it was you before you even said that. You sound exactly the same in your posts on here as you do on the CPFC BBS. :laughing:

I just want to become a Sevilla member but the official website wasn’t letting me do anything when I tried last week. :man_shrugging:

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There’s a period where preference is given to existing carnet holders are allowed to renew, then it opens up for new applications and some other preferred groups.

I used to have a season ticket under where the away supporters go but now I only go with hospitality tickets (don’t tell anyone), in which case I’m in where the players come out, or if especially lucky, in the higher section of preferential where there’s a free bar and food at half time, served by some attractive azafatas. It’s luxury to be in the centre there but then again it’s always a luxury to walk into that stadium.

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Can’t believe I’m helping a palace fan :wink:. The white and red membership options will star once the season ticket sales end (I’m waiting to do my Girlfriends)


Hi guys,

Me and the blonde live in Jerez. We don’t have season tickets, but we do get up to Seville regularly to support the team. I think we will apply for season tickets next year.

I’d love to meet up for a beer before a game - is the Europa Bar the one on Calle Siete Revueltas?

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@JGMillwall Cheers Millwall fella. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s that time of year where I’m bombarded with calls from Jazztel, Movistar and MásMovil to renew my cable contract for the new football season. And there’s another company on the scene called Mitele Plus, who are advertising all the Champions UEFA Liga1+2 etc. while at the same time, nobody knows yet who has the official contract to transmit.

I was wondering if any of you living on the Iberian Peninsula have advice or at the point of signing.

We have changed every year for the last 3 years, from Jaztel to Vodafone/Ono and then to Movistar. The Movistar interface was quite useful as I could rewind any channel for up to a week to catch up with missed programs and could record up to 3 channels at a time. It also gave us a loggin to watch on Mobile wherever in the world we were.

Memberships now available online mate - just done the girlfriends white one

Cheers for the heads up. I didn’t really know what the difference was between Red and White so I went with White for this year.

only difference it seems if with the Red you get 2 discounted tickets a year from what i can see

My White card arrived today. Just a question but it came with another card attached to a BP paperwork, does anyone know what that card is for?

Everything is in Spanish so I can’t read it. :grimacing: