Getting Nervous

I’m getting really nervous that Sevilla have closed shop. Not a lot of rumors out there right now. There has to be a fullback added and imo a defensive minded midfielder. Have you heard any rumors lately other than Jovetic that seems not needed imo.

The deal for Masina reported to be closed by Sunday latest. He is a LB, to be signed for covering Escudero.

Jojo has refused a ton of teams by now and waiting for us to approach, but it seems that we will close shop with Masina’s signing. A shame really, the squad is not complete and would only be if we had at least a DM or a CF. Both would be wonderful.

The thing is that after Masina gets signed (hopefully no unforeseen problems this time), we would have filled our last roster spot. Unless we were to promote another canterano, we have to limit the squad to 24 players, since we wouldn’t have filled the homegrown player quota to have a 25-man squad. If Jovetic comes in after that, someone has to be left out of the CL list, or get sold. I guess that’s why there hasn’t been any concrete talk of Jojo actually coming in or any other player for that matter.

Only one I haven’t added is Carlos Fernandez as I don’t think he’s been given a squad # yet.

This brings up a really good point, we need to really develop our youth. We haven’t done as good of a job lately. I thought getting rid of Diego Gonzalez was a mistake this year. He could have filled another home grown and been that extra midfield/cb cover if needed.

This is from our website actually:
I’m also trying to keep up with some minor stats this year.

Rumor has it, we’re going to loan Batshuayi, not sure if with a purchase option or not.

Seemingly the management did not want either Jojo or Bacca. Batshuayi is a quite solid striker, although he scored a silly own goal last week with Chelsea vs. Tottenham, but still, could help us a lot in the CL and La Liga.

I like Batshuayi, though I must declare an interest cause he has a Congolese background. I’m skeptical that he’d agree to this loan move cause he’d technically still be our 3rd striker, same situation at Chelsea. But based on history, he’s had better scoring seasons than Muriel; Ben Yedder is on par cause he’s older. I also wonder if Muriel will be utilized on the wing as a wide forward to play along with the central striker.

We’re already over-crowded on the wing with Navas, Nolito, Correa and Sarabia all being capable of being quality starters, plus we have Montoya who Berizzo seems to like and MKD can also play there if needed.

It won’t help even with all the wingers in the world if we don’t play them, sarabia needs to play or is he going to be sold? Both Nolito and Navas are past 30 and can’t be expected to play 2-3 matches each week.

Also it appears Jovetic is not coming back, Marseille and Newcastle have put up bigger more attractive offers.

sounds like Jovetic is heading to Monaco.

So ok… we lost Bacca and Jovetic, when we could have either of them very very easily.

Now, if we don’t loan/sign someone like Batshuayi, the management will have a lot of explaining to do to the fans. This is just outrageous.

Hopefully we’ll close the Masina deal soon and then focus on a striker.

Morata’s fitting in quite well so I think Batshuayi will be loaned out, whether it’s for us is another matter.

Couple of Sevilla fan pages have been posting pictures of Sander Berge, not sure if he is on the verge of signing for us.

Must have confused this Berge fella with someone else. He is indeed a DM, so let’s go for him!