Gaël Kakuta Jersey


I’m Neycklyz, a french RC Lens’ fan who’s also a very huge fan of Gaël Kakuta, trying to collect a jersey from each club he played for.

My issue is that even if I have searched for hours I couldn’t found any jersey from Sevilla FC with his name written at the back. That’s why I thought that maybe someone here still had one from 2015-16 season ?

I already know that I may have to much hope but you know, I had to try…

Thanks in advance !


Such a cool story, did you manage to collect a bunch already? If anything Gaël has been hopping clubs quite a lot and not the most well known ones, so you are up for a challenge. For me he has passed by at some clubs that I have a liking for as well so in my FIFA stories he was a piece dozens of times. Vitesse, Depor, Lazio, Fulham and RC Lens are up there for me, I would have loved to have a career like his and I appreciate him as a player.

I am sorry I can’t be of use for the Sevilla shirt but wish you the best of luck with finding it.

Also best of luck in the CL group. Would be awesome if RC Lens make it through, but a lot still to happen in the remaining 4 games and the last game against you guys probably decides everything.


For the moment I have 4 shirts:

  • Lens 2020/2021 (Away)
  • Chelsea 2009/2010 (Third)
  • Dijon 2011/2012 (Home + long sleeves)
  • Amiens 2019/2020 (Third)

I hope I will find more in the future but as you said it’s kind of hard due to the fact that he went to lot of clubs for which he didn’t played much more than one season.
As an RC Lens fan I can tell you I’m enjoying my life, I’m 19 years old and since my childhood we were struggling in second division. I never thought that one day we would be able to play Champions League against clubs like Seville (and that we would beat Arsenal at home !). It’s already a beautiful dream even if we don’t make it through, but I hope we will. I can’t wait for you to discover our stadium !

It’s a pleasure to discuss with you my friend, I wish you best of luck for this season. « Allez Lens » ! :wink:


The thing I love about French football, well for me anyway is that a lot of it, the stadiums, the way the game is played etc still very much reminds me of when I was growing up in the 1990s and how football was played back then.

My French team has always been L’OM, although I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for FC Nantes and Le Havre AC too.