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Continuing the discussion from UCL MD5: Sevilla FC vs Copenhagen [22/23]:

Anyone want to know the GREAT news about this information?

That Barcelona is going to be even more bankrupt after this season than they were going into it. I can’t imagine the people in their board room wondering what kind of new “palancas”/levers they can pull to sell even more of their future incomes.

How they hell does a team with that kind of talent end the group phase only being able to beat their Pot 4 rival, pick up one draw and one tie from their Pot 3 rival, and more than likely lose twice to their Pot 1 rival. In fairness, yesterday when I commented that Sevilla had the hardest drawing for a Pot 2 team, I realized that I needed to add a caveat because I think Barcelona’s draw was basically identical to ours. Among the hardest Pot 1 rival, the hardest Pot 3 rival, and a Pot 4 rival that at least makes teams work for their victories (Plzen have scored against both Bayern and Barcelona this campaign).

Anyhow, hoping for Barcelona to financially crash, is it just me?


I wish, but it will never happen. The Spanish government and RFEF will figure out a way.

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I’d only argue that Dortmund is better than Inter.

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Red meat to the base! Evergreen topic!

adding more financial context… revenue sharing agreements, while slighly improved over the past ten years, are still BS in La Liga. just compare to EPL!

La Liga:


We make more than 10M less than Sheffield United! Barcelona makes almost QUADRUPLE the lowest team in La Liga and double us (although we actually make 4th highest in La Liga and almost double the lowest in La Liga… shhhh). By contrast Man City only makes about 55% more than the bottom team.

I do remember this having once been far worse… but not sure I’m holding my breath for much meaningful progress.

Source: Marca

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Talk about an easy group and losing lots of UEFA money, look at Atletico this season.

Things could get messy for them if they lose to Leverkusen tonight.

Does this mean Sevilla gets to be the second most powerful team in LaLiga after Barcelona and Atletico are disbanded and sent down to La Liga Smartbank? I trust the answer is yes.

Honestly, I didn’t even mean to go down the tunnel of TV revenue sharing…it’s more the same question I have when I see the guy with no job, no income driving a Mercedes, wearing the nicest clothes, and living in a giant house. You think to yourself, “At some point this dream comes crashing down around him, right?”


Wrong answers only, @ChrisLail

aaaand… Atleti eliminated as the tie wasn’t good enough. win and they still could’ve controlled their fate against Porto in game 6. but, guess there is very strong La Liga representation in EL this year.

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Wouldn’t go around laughing at them too loudly. We had arguably the easiest group stage last year with a depowered Lille, on-the-rise RB Salzburg and in turmoil Wolfsburg then managed to royally f*ck it up. Cheers Lope that was when you absolutely convinced me you were a lost cause.

It has always been this lopsided, aside from Barca and Real sucking around 25% of the total revenue the TV broadcasting rights and such give the PL an ungodly advantage, 100m for a relegated team means a number of teams are content to be perenial one season wonders who get promoted to the Prem for one season then go back to the championship to do it all over again. Norwich have dominated the championship and then become PL whipping boys but have got a cool 300m for their efforts.

Big news on this thread…the ManCity news today. Discuss.


To get you started, here’s an ice breaker. Let’s assume optimistically, that ManCity gets dropped down or loses 15 points like Juve. Does the punishment match the crime? In other words, you cheat for decades and then get a fraction of a season or a season worth of punishment.

The real question is, first, if the punishment isn’t proportional to the crime, have you effectively lost your ability to enforce the rules? And if yes, have I just stumbled into a political economy explanation of why the big clubs have clearly shown no interest in following FFP for all these years? They know they might/will be punished eventually but the magnitude of punishment is so small, it’s still worth it to them to flout the rules.

Sometimes I hate football. Unbridled capitalism certainly works well for some things, but any sense of fair play in sports seemingly isn’t one of them.

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And one more, assuming VERY optimistically that they lose any titles won during that period of Financial Foul Play (the cool kids’ FFP), do they or their fans even care that much? It’s like telling a kid who already ate some other kid’s lunch that you’re not going to let it count towards the number of vegetables he ate today. He already got the joy out of stealing someone else’s joy…

In other words, football is about joy and money. My previous post talks about the lack of money consequences…this post talks about the lack of non-pecuniary, hedonistic consequences. FFP seems to be failing best practice on both.

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i dont think the kid steals a lunch just to eat the vegetables…

i am super behind on EPL news… love they got busted. agree its a laughable penalty, tho losing the claim to actual titles i do think matters. when talking about a team’s legacy, number of championships is always discussed. same for the players (tho its not really their fault). but i think immediate relegation and barring from european competition for X years would be more appropriate than the 15 point wrist slap.


LaLiga changes its FFP regulations to ease cash crunch on clubs over its spending limit, including Barcelona

Well, isn’t that cute? Make life easier for the clubs who are spending more than they’re earning…

There’s a tiny part of me which suspects that LaLiga’s tighter FFP is what has been making Premier League so much more competitive on transfers, but at the same time, it’s also what has turned EPL into a spending spree without limits.


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EPL spends too much money. The way it all works out heavily favors England. Which is why it is surprising they rarely win continental trophies