Finally got a LB - Lionel Carole on loan from Galatasaray

26 year old Frenchman on a one year loan with a optional buy option.

Never watched him play, but he was a French youth international.

Another Frenchy. Interesting enough Tremo has still not signed with a team.


Club hasn’t announced it yet. The articles say it’s a done deal unless the Turks pull some funny business, which is always possible.

They say never judge a player by a YT highlights video. However, I am very pleased of what I saw from Carole’s highlights. It showed that he can intercept passes, tackle, sprint for counters, put on good crosses (low and high), make intelligent passes and dribble adequately. Way better than Masina’s highlights, although of course he plays in the Turkish league which is way weaker than Serie A for instance. Still, if he plays just 70% of the highlights at Sevillla, a worthwhile loaning with obligatory purchase for 4 million, a bargain at the end of the day.

Just a friendly vs. RM, but likeable performance from Carole:

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Finally a signing to help out escudero, I was hoping we might make an offer for Masuaka of West Ham, really rated him and wanted us to sign him before he left Olympiacos but am willing to give Carole a chance.

Also brings up how discriminatory I am towards a person’s nationality, when we were on the verge of signing Marvin Zeegelaar I was like hell no, a 27 year old left back who’s never played for his nation? No way. Yet when I found out Carole was French I was willing to give him a shot despite being 26 and also having not represented his country on a senior level. Hope he shows some promise and lands here long-term if he can.

Crikey Moses, he looks a good player.

Finalized. Any more business before tomorrow’s deadline? I think we are probably done.

Done regarding the ‘urgent matters’, but not done in overall. Though I hope we better not sign anyone than sign a player like Okaka. Going from Bacca to Okaka is a crime, plus missing players like: Jovetic, Batshuayi, Lucas even De Jong (still better) along the way. It would be just another Rusescu scenario, not even close to Aspas. So at the end of the day, we don’t have an independent killer striker and will need to really hope that WBY and Muriel shine this season (not looking likely so far).

Also, no midfield cover for N’Zonzi and Pizarro, one injury/suspension away and we’re screwed. Unless of course we experiment with Banega at DM and Mudo at AM, or MKD etc. still not convincing enough.

I think Arias is still going for Berge from Genk, unless that’s only as a substitute for N’Zonzi. Our squad is full with these 24 players, but like Shend said, cover is needed at DM. Another striker would be nice, but i think it could wait till January.