Europa League - RD of 32 - Sevilla FC vs. PSV

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Jordan will be the weakest link in the field, as always. He came on tonight, played in a very nonchalant way and received a stupid yellow.

He will be the main cause that we won’t go far in EL this season. With Gueye things would’ve been quite different, for the better.

Not very optimistic about this tie but we should make use of the momentum and win at home, then play for a positive result in Eindhoven.

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Remember when Jordan was good?

I don’t… honestly

PSV in a decent form as well, cruising 5-0 against Groningen in their league game at home tonight.

Errr 2020 Europa League season he was superb. We were begging for him not to be sold with clubs like Arsenal looking at him.

I don’t remember myself begging for him to stay, but he played some decent games in that EL post pandemic unusual mini-tournament. Every player played decently there and the midfield was bossed by Banega at the time. We really needed a player like Gueye in the midfield. Jordan has played well only for a quarter of the 2019-20 season, superb is far-fetched. The culmination was in EL mini tournament and then resembled a Segunda division below-average player for the rest of his time here. Now he looks like a Tercera player at best, probably confidence issues too.

The worst thing is that he has a contract until 2027, extended in January 2022.

If he somehow, miraculously plays like he did like in those 2 weeks of EL in 2020 then it’s all good.

Barely. He was good. Never great, though!

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According to Transfermarkt when we signed him his Market value was €12m. Between March - December 2021 he was valued about €30m, and now he is currently about €14m.

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