Europa Last 16 Draw

Here are the teams, there are no restrictions, who do you want to face?

Arsenal (ENG)
Benfica (POR)
Chelsea (ENG)
Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)
Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Internazionale Milano (ITA)
Krasnodar (RUS)
Napoli (ITA)
Rennes (FRA)
Salzburg (AUT)
Sevilla (ESP)
Slavia Praha (CZE)
Valencia (ESP)
Villarreal (ESP)
Zenit (RUS)
Real Betis


I’d like to avoid the Spanish teams, Napoli, Inter, Arsenal (hoping that for the final). I wouldn’t mind Rennes just to show Betis how it is done. haha

Oh, poor Betis. :sweat_smile:

Personally, I want the most difficult draw to the final. If we’re EL legends, we must remind them why. I want either Chelsea or Napoli up next.

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Chelsea is the only top European team that we haven’t played against either in a friendly or a competitive match, so I’d like to face them… why not at this point after all?


It has always been a dream of mine to watch a game in the san siro


Looks like our reverse psychology worked… we drew Slavia Prague :czech_republic:.

And for such a loaded draw, the matches feel a bit underwhelming:

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Passable. In fact it would be a total failure if we don’t make the quarters. Lucky draw for us.

This post is quite arrogant and after reading it again it feels like I’m in a Man Utd forum or an equivalent EPL team with delusional people. You never know in football, though we are quite the better side, hopefully there is at least a right mindset.

I’m just glad that we didn’t draw Valencia or Villarreal. The European nights at the RSP are something special. Playing another Spanish team does not have the same magic.

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I’d rather boast and gloat after the result is in our favor, with our team you never which side of them is going to show up. I think Betis too thought they got a good draw but it backfired in the end. I reckon Arsenal fans are thinking the same right now but in Europe all bets are off.