Especial 766 Tragedy -

I saw Sevilla FC’s Twitter post today about the Especial 766 train disaster. I am not sure how this story escaped me or at least I don’t remember it.

Today marks the 89th anniversary of the train wreck where 11 Sevillistas passed away after traveling to Madrid which saw Sevilla gain promotion to the first division.

Over 1000 Sevillistas traveled to Estadio de Vallecas in Madrid to see Sevilla top Atletico Madrid 0-2.
On the trip home, their train collided with a cargo train heading north to Madrid. The accident happened in the town of Jaén.

According to Colin Millar’s “The Frying Pan of Spain”, this was Sevilla’s first promotion to the first division and the city was jubilant, but news quickly spread of the accident and all celebrations were canceled in the city.


Wow, I didn’t know anything about it.

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I had no idea either. Seems like a pretty big part of the clubs history. I don’t even recall it had a place at the stadium tour (though I might have missed it).

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Thus, 80 years later, President José Castro Carmona has discovered this morning a work that will forever remember the victims and injured of that accident. “Once again, Sevilla FC organizes an event to pay tribute to its past. This time it is not about any footballer, but rather we want to remember the figure of anonymous heroes. We give their place to those thousand Sevilla fans who accompanied their team to Madrid to see him ascend for the first time, and that they suffered that accident on February 20, 1934”, Castro began in his speech. The president also had words for the team captains, present at the event: “I am also addressing you. The place where this relief is placed is not by chance. It is right at the entrance to the locker room, so that you know that there were people who lost their lives for cheering on our team and for our sentiment. This is where you enter the locker room and you have to leave your skin in his memory every game”.

Photo from Sevilla FC Twitter: