Episode 8 - The Lopetegui Luck Ran Out


Are you going to do another one during the int break? I’d like to join if possible if you don’t have other plans


I’m of the perspective that the international break does not come at the right time, this time. As you were saying, and I think we all agree the team needs more time. But to me that means time as in the amount of games. Not by Lopeteguïng around on the training pitch. Meaning it would be better to play this Wednesday again, so the team gets to correct themselves and shrug things of from what happened. I think the best way for this team to get out of the slump is continue is to work and get as much game possibilities to recover and make new statements. And get through it But then again, since our team is so old, we might do better with a good period of resting :wink:


We might need a break as long as the pandemic break two seasons ago in order to restore the luck and energy and continue with the season - even then I’d highly doubt it.


I listen to every darned podcast and I’m a massive fan. But with the time difference it’s difficult to pop in.

I don’t think we’re tired or the squad too old, I would call it stale. Ed used ‘stagnate’ which is probably more accurate and in line with definition 3


  1. Having lost freshness, effervescence, or palatability: stale bread; stale air.
  2. Lacking originality or spontaneity: a stale joke.
  3. Ineffective or uninspired, usually from being out of practice or from having done the same thing for too long.

That’s a serious problem on its own but if the discipline problem is related to that … then Nervion we have a problem. Because that would mean the player tantrums are frustration with the system. The next stop on that road is failure to achieve objectives.


The biggest problem for me is that even though the squad has stagnated a bit, there is still very good young players but Lope refuses to use them unless forced into it.


Stagnation and being predictable is a recipe for a bad spell.

Thanks for listening everyone. @ShendM sorry for the late recording. We will try to schedule an episode with you soon. I have another guest lined up as well. I’ll try to nail down the schedule here the first part of the week.


great show guys. even if the content was a bit depressing (not your fault obviously). you guys are doing fantastic work.

on the one hand i feel like we’re getting greedy as fans, given that objectively the results have been passable. but as fans we want the team to have real aspirations of real hardware… its not clear how much the ownership/management share those dreams.


Right! I always feel like I have been too harsh the next day after I step back from it. I think the immediate depression is a microcosm of Lopetegui ball.

I like that we are demanding, that we want more wins, more trophies and more glory. I don’t want us to become a bunch of world enders like Barcelona or Real fans.


Nah, this was the last game before a 2-week break. No reason for him to play that conservative. I’m still mad. :rage: