EL Tickets Man U v. Poop

Soooooo my one son is not just a Sevillista, he is anti-Betico. He also has a friend back in the US who is a super Man U fan. Some how he finagled his friend to pull for Sevilla in La Liga. In return he will pull for Man U. Since they are visiting :poop: here on March 16th, he would like to go. I have never stepped foot in THAT stadium. How can I find tickets in the visiting section? TIA

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They will only be on sale via Man U and then only to their season ticket holders.
Save yourself the trouble, the stadium is just about the worst I have ever visited. It is a shit hole. :face_vomiting:

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Doesn’t look that bad Brian?

This is what I wrote after my only & last visit
We arrived about 40mins before kick off to be met by massive queues at our gate and a total lack of organisation in getting people through the turnstiles and into the ground. We finally made it inside as the players were entering the field and started the search for our seats, there were no stewards or security staff to direct us to the correct section, there were no row numbers on any of the aisles and hundreds of other supporters facing the same problem.
We eventually found the right row for our seats 10mins into the game and spent the rest of the time with our knees up near our ears due to no leg room at all & getting dripped on by the leaking roof over our heads.
There were still people entering the stadium 30mins into the first half and wandering around looking for their seats, it was a complete shambles.
At the final whistle it took us around half an hour to escape.

If they ever had to emergency evacuate the stadium it would turn into a disaster.


No wonder they’re able to bring stuff in to throw at players on the field

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I suspect all of that is done deliberately to wind up opposing fans, but more so when it is Sevilla.

This was Spain V England & we were in the home section of the main stand. (the posh seats) :roll_eyes:

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