Eibar vs Sevilla FC - 09-29-2018


Keeper makes a great save on a 1v1 against Sarabia 12’. Great chip pass by Silva

Sarabia with another shot on goal and another great save 31’

It was never going to be easy against Eibar, a team that beat us 5-1 last season. However, their pitch looks like a potato field or similar… terrible!

I can see us sneaking out a win here, and we could’ve gotten one goal had Sarabia scored that easier-to-score-than-miss chance, what a pity!

The same identical lineup from the RM match, interesting. I hope we don’t end up disappointed at the end.


We playing decent! Just need more care in the final third! We can win this! It’s a tough game as eibar are playing well with a lot of intensity. However, it’s 0-0 and we can go on and get the win here! We defended well overall and WBY and Silva both look a threat.

Sarabia had 2 great chances but credit to their keeper for great saves.


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Navas to Silva 0-1

Silva just keeps scoring!

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He’s the Pichichi of the league so far.

There’s a lot of game to play yet, Sevilla are gradually wrestling control although they don’t seem to want it, they’re playing a lot of long ball and keeping defence tight.

Difficult stadium to play.

As I said, difficult stadium. And so the wall in front of Sevilla fans collapses as Sevilla score a penalty as Banega celebrates. Don’t think that stadium is fit for la liga.

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So the railings holding the Sevilla supporters has collapsed and spilled Sevilla supporters onto the pitch. There appears to be injuries. Let’s hope everyone is ok.

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Yes, just railings with an advertising board in front.

Just 2 stretchered off and the game restarts

Roque Mesa enters for Sarabia who had requested a change 10 minutes earlier.

Sevilla really need the third goal because extra tme could be between 8 and 11 minutes

Yellow on Mudo, but there was contact made. Not enough for a PK, but there wasn’t a dive. Sevilla should appeal.


Banega decides to score the third, his second. 0-3
Scored 2 la liga goals last season.

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What a strike!

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We did need the 3rd goal, but there’s only seconds left. If fact the referee blows time.

Carriço magnificent, he’s never been in this form before, continues to grow as a player.

Massive effort by the guys to push the horrific scene of the fans tumbling to finish the game off. WBY seemed a bit out of it today, but everyone else had great efforts.


Pity abut their goal but we have tremendous goal difference, +10, and situated second in la liga (provisional). We are a goal machine at this moment. Twin striker schema functioning like a machine.


Another big win! We are a goal scoring machine at the moment. Machins tactics and formation is working. The players are buying into it and it’s working to great effect.

We in a rich vain of form for our next Europa game and maybe if results go our way by end of next weekend, if we beat celta we could be top of the pile!

With Barca and real in rocky form and finally weaker for first time in years, this could be like the mid 2006’s where other teams like us, Atletico, Valencia have a chance to go for title! We will see!