Deportivo vs Sevilla

Navas Mercado Carrico Layun
Geis Pizarro
Sandro Correa
Carlos Fernandez

Banega misses a shot that most pro players would nail, then Carlos catches the striker bug and hits it right at the keeper on a good opportunity. Our finishing is terrible.

Hey Correa joined the miss party. Embarrassing missing that bad.

Pizzaro is terrible.

Sandro with a great move to get open and then hits it at the keeper.

Wow Soria just saved the game right there with that save.

Mercado joins in the hit it at the keeper fun using his head on a corner.77’

Tuned in right on time for Mercado’s header. Muriel looks jealous on the sideline and ready to share the spoils of misses!

Going blow for blow with shots at the goalie!

Soria balling today! MOTM

Saved by the post. This is really wild/depressing

Everything is so slow. Banega should have played the ball must quicker and rewarded Muriel’s great run. 89’

If only we had a decent striker. How many times have we had that thought this season?

24 shots - 0 goals v Depor

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I mean we have no shot on Saturday right? Not with this current form.

Yeah most probably not. As long as we avoid a manita we’ll be fine though!

We have no shot figuratively and literally lol :frowning:

I’m just going to try and enjoy the weekend away in Madrid, looking forward to visiting the wanda for the first time and pray that we are not totally humiliated in front of the whole nation.:pray:


Enjoy Brian! I’ll be cheering us on from a bar in Sevilla

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@RyanMoore and I will be watching in a Brewery! Share some photos of your game watch experiences!

Girona and Real Sociedad won, if we do not win the next 2 league matches vs. Levante (away) and vs. Sociedad (home), we can kiss EL goodbye!

And Betis have just scored in the 94th minute to beat Las Palmas :open_mouth: