Covid-19 Boredom Thread

Anyone else bored as already?

I didn’t mind so much the football being off whilst I could still play, but having played Sunday (and Won 2-1), our Sunday League season has now been postponed too.

What is everyone up to, to try and keep themselves sane? I’m planning to try and set up Subbuteo in the Garage, provided all the stuff is able to be delivered in the Post.

Help me!!! I’m bored! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You think you’re bored? Make the most of your freedom while you can. we are virtually under house arrest here in Spain. only one person per household at a time is allowed out to buy essential food supplies or visit the chemist and that is more or less it. Police and army on the streets enforcing the “lockdown”

The same is Coming to you probably in 2 to 3 weeks unless Boris the clown continues to spout the "carry on working, you’ll be ok’ attitude the government have put across. Yes, probably 90% of people that catch it will survive, but do you really want to be among the other 10%?. He has emphasised that the people dying are elderly or sick, and made it sound as though that’s ok, and everyone else has nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t shed any tears if Boris and his advisers came into that minority, that’s for sure. I think we are actually living through a 3rd rate disaster movie. It’s a pity Hollywood won’t come rushing in to save us isn’t it?


It is actually a crazy situation Brian, I was sitting at home before bed last night thinking, we are supposed to be this all powerful race of people, yet a few little microbes seem to have completely destroyed life as we know it.

I don’t know what is going to happen at the moment, as far as work goes we are being told nothing despite them knowing some drivers might have it, we are just being told to carry on with it. All feels a bit like we are the Liquidators in Chernobyl right now and very expendable.

Scary times ahead! I obviously hope we don’t get to the stage you guys are in over there, but the next week or so is going to be telling on what direction we here in the UK go I think, and it doesn’t help when we have that bumbling idiot in charge.

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Seems we in Canada are at the same stage as you guys Jim. It’s been declared a state of emergency for 2 weeks, but only some businesses have been closed. No lockdown whatsoever yet. Reading reports & testimonies out of Italy makes me feel like we should be better prepared for what’s ahead.

My only concern is how long this will all last for. I think UEFA was only hopeful that the end of June was a feasible date to host the CL & EL finals. I feel it is only wishful thinking. I’ve only been hearing medical experts saying this is only the beginning.

Stay strong over there. We’ll get through this. What have y’all been doing to keep your minds off this madness?

The aliens are laughing at us as we speak. We boast all this tech and now look at us! :sweat_smile: Do you think the reaction to this outbreak will cause societal changes?


I did actually think yesterday, there must clearly be life elsewhere in the Universe, and if there is they are probably looking at us thinking what is wrong with this lot.

I don’t really know what the answer is to be honest. I can see why the UK have gone down the path we have, mainly because it is all well and good China locking people away and then saying they have got rid of it, but all that is going to happen in my mind is as soon as people are allowed out, the virus will come back. There is no way at all they can possibly decontaminate EVERY SINGLE THING. Just not possible, something will be missed, and it will come back.

I feel for Italy, and Spain big time! Italy seems to have copped it far worse because of their strong sense of family values. Very much family orientated, they wanted to stick together and it has exacerbated the situation. In Spain from what I have heard from friends and family out there, it sounds like most of it was concentrated mainly in Madrid, the problem seems to have worsened significantly from the Government telling people to isolate, and them all then leaving in their droves to go to weekend and holiday homes further out, and thus spreading the virus further across the country (perhaps @Brian might be able to confirm that?).

Personally I’m not particularly scared about it for now, I kind of feel like I may have already had it in December, obviously no real way to confirm that, but I felt rough as anything for a week or two with very similar symptoms, excessively tired, achey, irritably warm etc. So who knows. :man_shrugging:t2:

The next week or two is crucial, if we as a species can get on top of this, we might just stand a chance of some sort of normality but we will see how that goes I guess.

I’m glad to see that precautions are getting serious in the UK now. Just read that actors on Coronation St will no longer be kissing on set, and Boris has SUGGESTED that people stop going to the pub. That one is causing an uproar.

What a difference eh?

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Meanwhile everyone is struggling to buy basic food, Boris and Co are probably sitting in their mansions and townhouses sipping champagne and eating caviar. Birds nest headed tosser!

[quote=“Edinho, post:4, topic:805”]
Stay strong over there. We’ll get through this. What have y’all been doing to keep your minds off this madness [/quote]

Well I cleaned the oven yesterday :smiley:
Catching up on my reading, listening to music & watching tv. Luckily we have a dog so we have been taking turns on walking him round the block. (This is allowed providing you don’t go far & only one person at a time)

Yes the people leaving Madrid in their droves and travelling to their second homes down here has no doubt played a significant part in spreading it around.
The start of it all was allowing tens of thousands of people to come to Madrid on the 15th for the international womans day marches, then dispersing all over the country taking the infection with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have just had two guys dressed in full Hazchem gear pass our house spraying the street with bleach. A bit scary but kind of makes us feel safer.

Keeping our fingers crossed & (soapy) that it doesn’t drag on too long.


I had to re-register as my login didn’t function anymore.
@Brian whereabouts are you?
I’m in Sevilla Capital and this is a drag, We went to the Supermarket Saturday but now we are in lock-down, it seems like a month already, you don’t realise what freedom is till you lose it.


Welcome back Tim. I’m in Estepa



Hope everyone and their family is healthy. It’s getting scary all around. Lack of government action, and personal accountability is getting a lot of folks killed.
Let’s hope for a vaccine soon.

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In some Asia country, 99.9% of people wear face mask while in Europe it seems to be the other way round. I wonder why :thinking:

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Right now it would probably help if there were any. But we have been told the masks don’t really help, they might help stop people infecting others, but then don’t stop people getting the virus.

There is a cure, apparently, and it’s an anti-malaria drug that’s already passed all the clinical trials. hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine diphosphate. Quinine has been used for centuries to treat Malaria, this modern drug uses other components to boost the penetration of cells and increase their PH or Alkalinity and that cures the illness. Malaria is not a virus but this drug kills off the coronavirus. In the limited tests so far it has had success rate of 50-75% and the 75% cure rate was achieved within 6 days.

So there is hope.

As an added bonus, the UK banned export of this drug on February 26th, why or how I don’t know.

But the situation is bad and going to get worse, the politicians are useless and are stoking up problems that are still going to be felt in 5 to 10 years. Boeing and Airbus will need bail-outs, all the airlines will need bail-outs and so on …

Edit [President Trump just announced Chloroquine will be made available as a treatment.]

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Looks like the season is over.

How do you think it should be resolved?
Top 4 go to Champions or a liga projection of who would finish top 4?
Bottom 4 (or 2) relegated?
No relegation? (apart from Betis)

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I don’t know - It kind of sucks either way on how it finishes. I guess the most fair thing is to finish as is with no relegation.

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For me the fairest way is as I suggested for my Sunday team, points per game.

Trouble with no relegation is it’s not fair on teams in the Segunda not to get promoted either then.

No really clear and fair for all answer.

I can only see one outcome and that is this season is cancelled and considered null & void.
Next season (whenever it starts) will begin with all teams in the same leagues as they were last August, together with the same qualifying teams in the european competitions.


Hey fellow Sevillistas. Hope everyone is doing well!

I agree with Brian on that - it could very well mean that the seasons all around the world will be cancelled. Of course except the Belarusian season where Lukashenko ordered to continue, lol!

We were about to have that kind of Government in Kosovo, but even in this pandemic situation, it had to be brought down from the Parliament after 50 days in power as it was risking everything within the country and our people do not stand to any form of dictatorship - dodged a bullet there.

Hope everyone is staying safe and hopefully this situation will not remain too long so that we can enjoy the beautiful football again, along with our daily normal lives.

Cheers to all - try to enjoy the quarantine as much as you can and stay safe again! Wishing all the best to you and your families wherever you are.


How are we all doing? Been rather quiet on here of late.