Copa Del Rey Final - Wanda Metropolitano 21st April 2018

So it has been decided, the final of the Copa Del Rey will be held on 21st April at the Wanda Metropolitano with each club being allocated 22,000 seats initially…
That means the following games will be postponed due to the final being held in Madrid:
Atlético vs Betis
Sevilla vs Real Madrid
Barcelona vs Villarreal

These games will now be played on Wednesday 9th May, 4 days before Betis-Sevilla Derby


@jonjar79 :frowning: train ride to Madrid for the final instead of the local RM game?

@ChrisLail I wish bro, but will be with whole family, and only in Sevilla for long weekend, so not much of a chance.

A local bar it will have to be

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