Champions League Playoff / Leg 1

Been waiting all summer for this one. Continuing our forward debate, who do you guys think gets the start today between Muriel and WBY? VAMOS!

Big game tonight. Will definitely have a clear view if we’ll be able to pass or not, though on paper we’re quite stronger.

I’d go with:


Corchia - Pareja - Kjaer - Escudero

        Pizarro - N'Zonzi


Navas Nolito

Game is on ESPN deportes in the US.

Estadio Deportivo is predicting Montoya and Correa (Argentines of course lol) on the wings with WBY starting at forward while Nolito, Navas and Muriel sit as subs. I hope they’re wrong

They also predict Mercado over Corchia and Lenglet over Kjaer, which scares me the most because pretty sure that will lead to a goal from Adebayor at some point

I think the coach wants to go with the last season’s team because of more chemistry or whatever his mind is on about. However, leaving the likes of Navas, Nolito, Kjaer, Muriel and Corchia on the bench… I mean, why did we buy them in the first place? PSG fielded Neymar immediately in the first eligible official match for him. Only at Sevilla one can see experiments such as these, then no wonder we fail when not expected.

Hopefully Berizzo will not do that bad mistake and field the proper players.

Our lineup is this (Orgullo):

Rico, Mercado, Pareja, Lenglet, Escudero, Pizarro, NZonzi, Banega, Montoya, Correa, WBY.

In fact, this is our B team. Thank you Berizzo!

Probably shouldn’t be surprised Montoya is starting since he started every friendly, but I still am

Could be that Montoya is fiftter than Navas atm, but what happens when Sarabia returns?

Mercado for Corchia in defensive games, I can’t believe any other reason. I’d be tempted to put Correa on the right and Nolito on the left and not play Montoya. Now watch Montoya have his best game ever.

just as the rain got intense, the coverage dropped out. I’ll have a word or two for Bein when they want to renew the contract.

que golazo ESCUDERO

that was a weak yellow card on Mercado

Some great football from Sevilla, the product is taking shape, all bodes well for future.

Everthing is from the left side, escudero and correa, nothing on the right with mercado and montoya

half time 0-1 Sevilla clearly superior though strangely possession only 56%

Not a good first half in overall. The right side has been terrible, and Mercado might even see a red in the second if not subbed or if not someone faster to help him as Elia is bullying him a bit down there.

Montoya weak. WBY trying to reinvent the wheel there but he is not a pure 9 striker most definitely… he is playing more in the wings and in the midfield than focusing on doing something productive in the box. Not sure if that’s the tactics as he was a bit more straightforward with Sampaoli, but anyway not a good performance, and he should’ve tapped that strong pass from Montoya.

If we want to finish off the tie against this pathetic Turkish team, we’d better get in Noltio, Navas and/or Muriel and see how it goes from there. I would also favor Corchia in for Mercado now as he has a yellow… too risky to go all the 90 mins. Act wise Berizzo, we count on you!

So far Basakhsehir - Sevilla B team 0-1, thank you Escudero for that golazo!

We need the A-team players to have the complete A-team in the field… enough with the B’s already.

Long live the left side and the weak opponent that Basaksehir is. Only Emre and Adebayor trying to do something and Elia to very low extent (still bullying Mercado), the others are dead. Now imagine a tougher opponent.

Also, N’Zonzi was seen to shrug make the ‘where to pass?’ gesture countless times… this is not good and did not happen even with Sampaoli. We still need to sharpen the tactics and strategy up. Not a lot of fluidity, or at least not how it should’ve been with a mastermind like Banega in the midfield… he shouldn’t be able to pass only to the left side.

The problem with Mercado is his distribution, anywhere will do, well put the ball in row z rather than than redirect play to them. Montoya not in the game. Corchia should enter the field of play for maximum impact.

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Nolito has been the only player warming up in the first half.