Champions League Player List Is Out

No Nolito nor Geis

I guess Mercado is ok after Saturday’s game. I would expect seeing the following:

Corchia - Pareja (or Kjaer) - Lenglet - Escudero
Pizarro - N’Zonzi
Navas - Banega - Correa

I hope we see Corchia, but on the road it will probably be Mercado, even though he’d get shredded for pace against Liverpool

It’s hard to trust Mercado after his injury from Saturday right? It would be a shame to have to use another early sub for injury.

Should definitely go with Corchia, even if Mercado would be 100% fit to play (which he isn’t after that muscle problem vs. Eibar). Corchia somehow seems like a player that knows what he will do in the field… the moment he is on, he has that “I’m on it” look on his face… which is good.

A shame that Nolito will miss this one, but time for Correa to show up and shine!

This could be Correa’s 30-40 million euro display.


I liked lenglet’s display against Eibar but not sure he should start this one. Would prefer us to be safe and solid at the back. Liverpool’s front three are all fast and interchange with ease, they lost 5-0 to Man City last time but it was only because Mane got sent off around 30 minutes which means he’ll be fresh and fired up for this encounter, Salah is like his Egyptian twin and Firmino has become one of the best players off-the-ball, I would start Mercado and go for a compact 3 at the back with Corchia and Escudero as wingbacks to help out and be outlets

The thing about Liverpool is their attack is deadly as their defense is weak, it’s a shame Nolito is injured but Correra should be able to exploit Arnold, their inexperienced right back who was torched against man city, Moreno might also be in a charitable mood to help us out like last time.

All in all, I think we should soak up the pressure, play a deep defensive line, let them have the ball all they want and break through the wings. It would be the first major test of shutting down the game until the last 20 minutes like we did against Eibar and it should be interesting to see how both managers adapt.

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Agreed that Liverpool is less balanced than us (attack-defense). However, with the way they have been playing lately (except Man City anomaly), they could literally beat anyone. Not sure the same can be said for us.

This is definitely the toughest test so far for us and hopefully we’ll give them a run for their money. I wouldn’t mind if Liverpool comes out first in the group, somehow I feel that they are more prepared than us for the European campaign, but if it will be another Juventus away (with Emery) performance, our players better not show up at all, than causing that kind of embarrassment for themselves.

If we lose narrowly, I’d gladly take it. A draw would be golden and a win a miracle, but a total annihilation from them shouldn’t be on the cards, we just should not let it happen.

Very curious to see how Berizzo approaches tough opponents, this will be the real deal on Wednesday night.

Oh and also agreed on Lenglet. He is good, but shouldn’t be starting in very important matches. I’d start with Pareja-Mercado or Pareja-Carrico something similar. Lenglet needs to be learning still. Kjaer can also start as he is quite experienced, so wouldn’t be surprised with a Pareja - Kjaer pair.

I personally think we can win this, if we play a solid game and attack well and be clinical when we get a chance.

Liverpool front 3 are awesome, however, they not great in midfield or defence. We are stronger now in both departments. If we can dominate possession, not make any mistakes. We can at least draw and they will get more nervous. We can exploit that and maybe win it.

Liverpool are good but they lack European experience and Man City exploited their naivety at the back. It’s true the red card cost them but to still lose 5-0 shows a major flaw in them, with we can exploit. They great when things are going well but not so great in adversity.

It’s gonna be tough but I relatively confident we can get a result!

Fascinating Champions League game in prospect.

Liverpool certainly injured psychologically but also with that injured animal instinct to fight, and maybe a bit tired after playing an hour with ten men. There’s also the question of revenge for the UEFA final.

But the big question is can Sevilla’s defence survive a serious concerted onslaught by a top team?

I honestly can’t define any strategy I’d be willing to stand by, I’m torn between attacking and playing defensively for a draw.

The only things I can suggest are play with confidence,play the ref and look for the penalty. Added to that, play Muriel in the first half, if we’re under pressure he could be difference on the contra.

I just heard this morning that Coutinho hasn’t played all year. Will he play today?

He’s back in training, and played for Brazil over the break. He’ll play.

Coutinho has made the Liverpool squad for the 1st time for tonight, so I’m sure Klopp plans to play him.

As far as my predictions for this game, it will be fun to watch. I’m interested in how N’Zonzi & Banega handle that Liverpool pressure in one of the toughest grounds to play at.

Mercado - Pareja - Kjaer- Escudero
Pizarro - N’Zonzi
Navas - Banega - Correa

I almost nailed it except for the backline.

Liverpool -
Gomez - Matip - Lovren - Moreno
Wijnaldum - Can - Henderson
Salah - Firmino - Mane

Coutinho on the bench with Mignolet, Milner, Sturridge, Klavan, Ox-Chamberlan, Robertson

Happy with our line up! The strongest team we can field, considering nolito injured. Maybe corchia could have played RB but mercado is solid choice there. We have strong options on the bench too!

Let’s do this! Vamos Sevilla!

Pareja to cover for Mercado after he gets beat by Mané? Spells trouble. I’m sure Toto is favouring their experience, but what happened with Elia? Prove me wrong Berizzo.

Vamos sevilla!!