Champions League Play-Off Second Leg (vs. Basaksehir)

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There we have it folks, the second leg of the CL playoff vs. Basaksehir.

Coming from a 1-2 away win in Istanbul, we should be able to control the match and perhaps seal it off without letting it get too interesting.

I won’t be able to watch the first half and will probably only catch it by the 70-75th minute of the second as I’m playing in a competitive minfootball local league match at the same time, so all the comments will be appreciated, also for the others that will not be able to watch the full match as well tonight.

The official lineup is this:

Mercado - Pareja - Lenglet - Escudero
N’Zonzi - Pizarro
Navas Correa
It looks nice, way better than the one vs. Espanyol, so let’s do it and get ourselves in those drawing pots on Friday!


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Vamos sevilla!!

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Total domination by Sevilla so far. Mercado almost had a wonder goal, but hit the post. Correa couldn’t find the net one on one with the keeper.

Mother fucker - let them back in it. 2-2 16’ Poor defending by Mercado

we will have to be incredibly unlucky not to qualify. we are creating alot of dangerous situations. the goal will come

yikes. this is closer than it should be (score-wise). we go through as of right now thanks to away goals, but one goal by them flips the tie. can’t watch unfortunately (CL game times on the east coast are awful…) nervously hitting refresh.

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Not sure how to change the outcome here. All we need is the back of the net to finish this one off. I can’t see them scoring two. Lot’s of chances in the first half. Some brilliant football both team and individualistic. Correa has been really spectacular except for the final step of putting it in the net. Banega really good too.

Can’t watch at work? Or long lunch?

you have that wrong chris, no? we go through with no goals scored b/c away goals. but if they score 1 they go through. if we score and they do too, then we have to add time and risk penalties.

sadly, now that i have a real job, i have much less ability to screw off and watch football all day :frowning: and had a work lunch precluding me from sneaking away now for the game.

yeah mis-spoke there.

What the hell must Man City fans be thinking right now? Navas playing out of his mind! Escudero too! Great link up play and just a dime of a cross.

amazing. big goal (not that i saw it). but im always worried that this is a moment for letting up. we still absolutely cant let them score. for them, the situation is the same. they still need a goal.

escudero is leading scorer.

Correa has just been so good. He was a creator on that goal too. So many key passes today and killing guys one v one.

Escudero is saying #callmeup!

He’s already making Vitolo an afterthought. His directness is so valuable.

N’Zonzi misses a gift wide. We have to be more clinical moving forward.

Rico has booted it out of bounds twice off goal kicks now. Distribution continues to be a problem for the guy.

First sub - Nolito on for Correa (possibly MOTM) in the 72’


FANTASTIC. still plenty of time to screw things up, but if we do… then we will deserve it. stay poised. ride this out.